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24 September 2014
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Should hunting with hounds be banned?
The RSPCA campaign against hunting

The issue of fox hunting has caused heated debate throughout the county.

Now you can have your say by joining our live chat by logging on to this page on Friday 8th November from 7.00pm GMT.

Fox hunters
Fox hunters ride along a country road

Fox hunting provokes strong views on both sides of the argument.

Is it the most humane way of controlling foxes in the countryside which provides employment in the local economy?

Or is it a cruel and unnecessary practice which should be banned?

Now's your chance to discuss the issue in a live chat with Les Ward, the Chair of the Scottish campaign against hunting with dogs and Alan Murray, the Director of the Scottish Countryside Alliance.

This page exists as an archive. If you would like to discuss this or other topics with other visitors to the BBC Cornwall website, please visit our new Message Board.

sarah brooke, i would just like to say WHAT EVER! i am 13 and i live in inner london, and yes i have seen plenty of foxes were i live. i think fox hunting is completely wrong! you say that you dont do it for fun and that you do only do it to protect your live stock and poultry but if that is true for you and aparanlty the other millions of people then why do it in such a horrible way? yes i suppose its not good that the foxes eat, kill what evr to your live stock but that is just the way they are! so do u really need to hunt them down so much that the poor things are out of breath and then get vicious dogs to rip them up or for u to shoot them. well what evr it is its wrong and u are in the minority!
becky.J , london

I say fox-hunting should be banned completely. It's just cruel to kill an animal outright, and even though I do understand about them being vermin, and killing the farmlife for the people, there are other ways to do it than have a bunch of bloodthirsty hounds tear them up. You could just shoot them, wouldn't that do the job. I'm against fox-hunting, and the rest of St Ives should be too..
Rosa Bedingfield, St Ives

Hunting with hounds should be banned in the same way as cock-fighting and bear-baiting was mnay years ago. The pro-hunters continually bleat on about how they are victimised and nobody understands them, but their trouble is that the public understands them only too well! They want to be treated as a special case, but society has moved on and now recognises that unnecessary cruelty to animals is wrong and should be prohibited. Having list the argument, some hunters are even claiming they'll break the law once hunting is banned. Why are they so special that they feel they are above the law? The government has delayed long enough - it should get on and ban hunting once and for all.
Peter, Newlyn

Can someone who wants hunting banned on the grounds of cruelty, tell me how they would prefer foxes (or any wild animals for that matter) to die? There are no old-age homes for foxes. Without predation, the best they can hope for is to starve to death when they can no longer feed themselves. What mankind needs to worry about is the extinction of (other) species and the degradation of habitats.
Jeannie, Roborough Down

Hunting should be banned because like the fishing problem if we keep hunting them we wont have none left
Dominic Barker, Bradford

Although fox hunting is a sport enjoyed by many people. there are other sports which are less humane. and cruel i feel that you should treat others as you want to be treated which goes for animals as well.
Anna, Chi

I think fox hunting should be banned because whats the fun about chasing a fox till it cant run no longer and then seeing hounds rip it apart? to all you sick people out there who believe in it i would like to see hounds rip you apart! just how would u like it?
Gemma, Middlesbrough

Of course hunting should be banned, its a myth that the majority of country people support hunting i know many country people who abhore this cruel bloodsport but are afraid of comebacks from the hunting community if they speak up.

we hear excuse after excuse as to why they should continue their sport, but the fact is that they are afraid they will lose their opportunity for shedding blood and causing suffering to beautiful intelligent creatures. If hunting is not cruel then why are all the wildlife organisations including the RSPCA against it.

More awareness should be made of the terrible practise of CUBBING where young hounds are given their first taste of blood by killing young fox cubs.Imagine the outrage there would be if a pack of dogs hunted and tore apart a horse, cat or pet dog, whats the difference in these and foxes? they all feel pain and fear.
Tequila, Bodmin

I say any kind of hunting is illigal no matter what your so called licence sais. No body has the right to kill.

I think that killing an inocent animal for fun is just wrong. Some people would call it a sport, I call it cold murder. Its like bull fighting, the fox has no way of winnig with all those men, horses, dogs and guns. They the then animal suffer untill it has no fight in it, then kill it. Slowly. Its called a "respectable sport" Whats so respectable about killing a living creature just for the sake of fun?
Gemma Rogers, Basingstoke

Ok, all these people who claim that fox hunting is just for 'spoilt little rich girls' with horse need to stop! I am neither for or agaisnt hunting yet, as am unable to decide, but I seem to be automatically put into the 'pro hunting' category as I own horses and live in the countryside. Stop with all the stereotyping!
H. wood, Devon

It seems that once again the government has bottled out of banning fox hunting. It is about time that this disgusting practice was stopped forever. The people who support hunting catagorically refuse to admit that there are people who live in the countryside who do not agree with hunting.

I was born and brought up in Cornwall and I am totally against this disgusting, vile and cruel activity. The supporters also say that the fox is killed cleanly, this is rubbish. Reports have often been received saying that the hounds tore the fox to pieces, which is cruel and the RSPCA should get involved.

I know that foxes are a menace, but surely there are other ways of controlling them. Sometimes the hounds themselves have been known to get out of control and have killed domestic cats. BAN THIS DISGUSTING PRACTICE NOW!!!
Julie, Barripper

I am a 45 yr old cornish man country born and bred , And I say yes to the fox hunting ban! I am sick of the site of these fancy pant red coats, they have never been allowed on my land and never will . I cull the Fox when the need arises humanely, not by chasing the poor things for miles and miles, and causing undue suffering and not to mention the damage the horses do to walls and hedges! Just because your a country person it does not mean you support these horse hunts persons!!
fred jago , Redruth cornwall

It is cruel to foxes and should be banned. How would you like it if a pack of bloodthirsty hounds were chasing after you? i am sure you would be in fear of your life like foxs are each day.

I agree with Tina because she has a point. Ban fox-hunting.It is a cruel and vile sport. I didn't relise that this was badly affected until we had english homework to write our own oppinions, i came to this site.If anyone agree wit me then send a reply to me.I need it for my homework. It's not for my homework, i really think it should be BANNED!!!!
Hema, Bristol

i am 13 years and i go hunting every week. i think tony blair should concerntrate on more serious things like education, war or TB. most anti hunters come from the middle of london or somewhere, they proberly dont even know what a fox is and their the ones who could kill our countryside and end the tradition.!!!fox hunting could be banned because is is so-called CRULE!!! What will it be next elligal to tread on a snail? as i say i am 13 years old and come from herefordshire i live in the countryside my family go shooting, fishing and fox hunting and we run a dairy farm, our lives will be trashed if fox hunting would be banned. and were not the only ones of course millions would be terribly effected if this wonderfull, traditional sport would be banned. and we do not go fox hunting for fun we protect our livestook and poltry from this preditor!!!!! Sarah Brooke, Herefordshire

Reference to-night's report on stag hunting. One gentleman was concerned that they would not be able to control the herds without the use of the traditional hunting with hounds. I lived for many years in the far north of Scotland where there are herds of deer far greater than anything in the southwest and their numbers were controlled not by hunting dogs but by skilled game keepers with guns. They maintained health herds by selective culling, a thing that dogs do not do. At the minimum all that is necessary to maintain the status quo would be to take out the same number by this method as has previously been done by the hunt. So where is the justification in his argument that the deer population would diminish by 90%. I would like to say that I find West Country TV very pro hunting and as a licence payer would like to see more balanced cover given to this subject.
Bill Leitch, Saltash

I was totally amazed by the stupidity of the argument put forward for the continuation of stag hunting on Spotlight this evening. I am totally opposed to the continuation of this cruel 'sport'and if the result of the ban is that deer need to be shot to control the numbers, I would far rather see them shot than chased to exhaustion across the Countryside in the name of entertainment for the select few, ignorant enough to take part.
Chris, Launceston
I think hunting should be banned as it is just sport for a few heartless people who think it is fun to chase a terrified animal until they collaspse in the name of conservation....surley there are more humane methods of culling these creatures if this is neccessary....these people say these are country persutes but it stinks to me line back in the horrable old days when black slaves were hunted and killed....this dispicable practise should be stopped right now....
sharon smith, Risca Newport

i think it is really cruel and it should be band right now. the fox diserves 2 be treated the same as most other animals. if farmers don't like them because they eat thier chickens or what-ever, that is thier problem and they should put a fence up and if they allready have and the fox's still get in they should make it stronger. anyway its natural for animals such as fox's 2 hunt .
alice, brighton

fox hunting is a barbaric persuit, enjoyed by mentally ill people. why mentally ill? because to see a living creature torn apart in the name of sport cannot be the pastime of a normal person. ban it now! we must not forget that in past history man was hunted as so called sport, but today we see that for the evil it was, and in the future fox hunting will be looked upon the same.
Mike champion, Camborne

I have never followed the foxhounds - have never wanted to, but I believe in the rights of those who enjoy it to do so. What next for this nanny state, where you either have to do certain things or are not allowed to. I vote for freedom from bigots and minor law makers who only generate tons of paperwork. Send the b======= to Europe, that would suit them.
Doug Reynolds, Penzance

I think fox hunting should be banned! i feel you should only kill an animal if you are going to eat it! There are plent of humane ways of keeping foxes undercontrol without killing them in a unhumane way. I hear lots of people saying that horses will become unfit, whats wrong with just going gallop? i think its a disgusting sport that should be banned and i would suport the governments decision if they were to do so.
Scarlett, Truro

What a hypocritical bunch 'our' Government are ! They'r quick enough to jump on old ladies who try saving the lives of cats say & can't quite feed them properly etc etc but they allow the conspiring of the premeditated ripping apart of innocent live animals,,, for fun !
Paul, Pz

I see were you are coming from with that point, but Why not Just Shoot the fox? and let it be. But my point is. Dont chase it for miles, so it cant breath and needs to stop. but while the poor Defenceless animal is catching its breath it has at least 20 dogs still hunting it down. Getting ready to rip in up. Why rip in up to kill it? Does it give you some kind of thrill seeing its blood oozed out over the floor? When one single bullet can deal with it, the fox wont be in pain. I will be interested in your reply.
Amy and Rach, Bristol

Why is it that across the entire spectrum of classes, pockets and professions of people in this country there are those that support, and those that oppose hunting?

Growing up with a farming background the realities of life, real life, are made rather obious. We all know that farmers today recieve precious little for their efforts. The average farm income is, I understand, less than £8000 per year. Farmers work 70-80 hours per week, and livestock farmers put all their waking effort into looking after thier animals. Let no-one try to say that they don't care about their stock!! If they were in it for the money, then, well... they wouldn't be in farming, would they????

Any human being that eats meat accepts the fact that animals must die for our benefit. And seeing that vegetarians proove meat isn't necessary, then animals also die for our non-essential enjoyment.

If anyone has an argument with that fact then they are clearly misguided! Unless they are into fried roadkill!!!

Farmers spend their lives caring for, feeding and cleaning, their stock in order to have them killed to feed the nation. To provide the enjoyment of meat withut the need for Jo Public to even look at a knife, bolt-gun, or stun-gun. "We are proud to supply your food" read the banners at the countryside march. Proud they are indeed, and they have precious little time for time wasters.

...Bring on hunting. Without farmers' consent hunting could not exist in this country. Horses damage ground with their heavy feet, yet a very vast majority of farmers welcome hunting on their land.

Why? Because it works!! Pure and simple - no timewasters please! I have shot several foxes, always at close range and with a a shotgun from the landrover. The fox is spotted, chased, and when we get close enough i.e. 10-20 yards, it is shot. Once seen, they rarely get away.

Yet lambs still get taken by foxes, and chickens, geese, etc. Why? Because the foxes that we see out lamping are fully grown and fit - the ones that the hunts can't catch. These healthy foxes don't bother with lambs or chickens because they can catch their own wild prey, which is what they're up to when we shoot them. Old, sick and wounded foxes are rarely seen while lamping, but they are seen around stock.

Hounds can catch these troublesome foxes because they are slower - the very reason why they prey on livestock. Hunting with hounds is an expression that is taken too seriously, it should read 'With Hunting Hounds' - because it is they who are hunting. All the chaps in red coats do is tell them where to start looking, and try their best to keep them from where they shouldn't go!!

Of course the job of a huntsman is a little more complex than that, but essentially the hounds just follow their noses. As for the chaps in black, and the ladies in blue, and the children in rat-catchers coats, all they do is watch the redcoats watch the hounds.

Tales of hunts chasing foxes for hours only to have the fox escape are true, but sound misleading when you understand why. The hounds are following the sent of a fox for a fair period of time. The fox can easily be 30 minutes hunting away from the outset - then as the hounds approch where the fox has been ambling about for that time, it puts a spurt on and runs like hell. If that fox is old, wounded or sick - it can't run as fast as the hounds, and they will catch it. If it is a healthy fox it will run faster than the hounds, get a good distance away, and then stop and rest.

It will usually double back and then go under ground - hunting over, bring on the terriers (if the farmer requests). Hunt moves on elsewhere. A healthy fox has to make a real error to get caught above ground.

Fox hounds are about five times the weight of foxes. If you were a lead foxhound, ahead of the pack, and at the heels of a fox - running at life-or-death speed, how would you stop it? The neck, or spine is the only place to go for. You can't get your teeth into anywhere/anything else. Imagine a preditor five times your size biting you on the neck while you were running at top speed - you're not going to last long are you??

Even with a shotgun at ten yards you can't guarantee that rapid a kill. Lucky for the fox that there's a second barrel ready in a second or so if the first one only manages to 'clip' it. It is, I'm afraid, a harsh reality. A shotgun can be lightening quick..or not. A long range bullet..well we've all had our unlucky shots with rifles, haven't we?

My friends have had quite a bit of luck with snares - but there's never much need for shooting them, they usually save them the job and choke themselves. I don't think the answer would be to ban the killing of foxes - after all if only an insignificantt 16,000 are killed by hunts then the total number killed must be huge.

And without that, overpopulation on such a scale would be devastating for wildlife, not to mention foxes. And if the illegal killing of foxes were the farmer's only method - then forget visible, traceable hounds, snares and shooting - its time to bring on the tons and tons of poison and gas.

Far more difficult to trace, not too much fun for the badgers, deer and birds life that get caught up in the frey. I'll continue to shoot foxes to protect stock so that all you meat eaters out there can enjoy finest westcountry lamb, beef and poultry (on sale in all good supermarkets), even though 90% of those foxes are probably fit, healthy and pose no threat to livestock.

I'm afraid that prevention is better than cure. And my friends better keep on with the wires, because - well, you never know - one of the ones they catch might be a lamb predator. But, if you don't mind - I'd like to continue to let my local hunt come and try to catch the troublesome foxes.

After all, it provides local emplyment, and is a free service to farmers. At lambing time we're all too knackered and busy to be out lamping, and who wants to walk around checking snares and traps after being up all night with 30 ewes all deciding to lamb at once.

Apparantly, according to the antis, if the costs are averaged out across the country, it costs those "rich toffs" £1000 per fox that they kill. What a wonderful round sum. It would be nice if the public realised that that £1000 is £1000 of the hunters' own money going into local businesses - helping to keep the last few of us in the countryside.

Unfortunately, for every fox I kill, I only put about 10p into the local economy - cartridges aren't all that expensive, and landrover diesol is sold at near cost price - so the garages don't benefit!!

Compare that to the squillions of pounds of public money that the government paid out during the Foot and Mouth disaster. But where are the so-called toffs? When I go hunting I see farmers and their daughters on horse back, and some local tradesmen.

The redcoats look awefully posh, but the people in them are often farmers too. And when you consider that the average UK woman spends £500 per year on clothes that she will never wear (according to a TV programme I saw yesterday), the costs of hunting seem to deminish.

Then there are the 'hunting townies' who are countrymen at heart - looking to escape the rat-race for a peacefull bit of riding throught the parishes and moors. Of course it does cost a lot of money to own and keep horses - but they can be hired and ridden out hunting for the day for a little more than the cost of a score of heroin or cocaine.

Unfortunately, apart from the trouble caused by the antis, hunting doesn't provide as much work for the local constabulary as these drugs. Oh well, you can't have it all ways.

Why go hunting? Riding out in the driving rain and cold weather, having to look after hounds all year round, phone around for permission, paperwork, bills, responsibilities, the threat of being made a criminal - all to try and rid some other bugger of his foxes, when a shot-gun in your cupboard could bag you far more.....

Everyone who goes hunting has a different reason. Farmers allow it on their land because there's a chance that a troublesome fox will be killed, if not killed then chased off to someone else's land for them to deal with. And its free.

The riders, contrary to popular belief, don't get to use their own God-given predatory skills and bare hands, to bag themselves a fox - all they get to do is ride across private land and watch some fast dogs follow their noses and look for often faster foxes.

If they really wanted blood, then they could pay me to take them out lamping - there's a chase and everything. Of course, anyone who enjoys natural history on TV, knows that watching a predator is very interesting viewing. With hunting, you can watch via a horse to be sure of a good view - or hedge your bets with a motor vehicle, or trusty old feet.

Why has hunting survived for so long? Becuase it provides a valuable service to the countryside, and helps to maintain a healthy fox population in the absence on natural predators. Farmers and country people have been managing this island of ours for centuries.

Up until the demand for mass production of food, there was little damage done - farmers cannot be blamed from doing what the growing population have demanded of them.

If farmers had it their way then there would be many more, smaller farms, without entensive mechanical and chemical processes that the hungry population have recently been demanding of them. Hunting is one survivor of that less intensive time, when it wasn't all about numbers and outputs.

Just like the few other survivors - its all about quality and not quantity. Hunting with hounds is a sport, the people are there to watch the hounds hunt the fox. You can't say that the people are ganging up on the fox - they have no affect on it at all.

As far as the fox is concerned, only the hounds are a problem - and a greater number of hounds only increases the chances of finding a scent, not catching the fox after finding it. The fittest, fastest hound will always have the advantage - but maybe not the best nose. The future is in the nation's hands.

Nobody who has an opinion on hunting can really be swayed - those who don't can go either way if all they have is an earful from either side of the debate. The only way to know about hunting is to go about hunting. Go and watch, that's all anybody is doing at a hunt - watching. That's what it is about.

The death of an animal can be a strange thing to see for the first time - farmers, the producers of your meat - have to live with it. Most hunters don't see it.

This is where it gets difficult. To eat meat is to accept that animals must die for our benefit... For a fox, there are several ways to die... Disease, starvation due to old age, to be caught in a snare and choke, to be shot, to be poisoned, to be gassed, to be run over, to bit bitten on the back of the neck by a hound that is five times your size. Of these, there is one that doesn't pose the risk of a lingering death.
Isaac P, Smallville, Cornwall

Hello, are names are Amy And Rachael we both feel very strongly about fox hunting,and any cruelty to animals. We want it to see fox hunting Banned. I mean making a fox have a heart attack is just sick fun. The hunters wouldn't like it if they where in the fox's position would they. Anyone who has a problem with this message please by all means write another thanks again.
Amy and Rach, Bristol

All this talk about Hitler banning foxhunting is nonsense. For one, traditionally, the Germans/Austrians don't hunt foxes (they do hunt other creatures like wolf and wild boar), for another, one of Hitler's adjutants, Heinrich Himmler, was a chicken farmer before he joined the SS. So much for that one then. Please, get your facts right.
Sean, Bristol

Why dont people who disagree with fox hunting keep their views to themself. They should get their facts right. For one they are putting 100s of peoples of jobs at stake.

For some people it may seem cruel but if they knew the in and out of it they might change their minds.They call themselves animal lovers but alot of dogs would have to be killed because they are no use as pets they belong in a pack (a group of hounds).
Gary, Callington

To Rebecca Wood I think you are uninformed and your attitude towards huntspeople is ridiculous. Descriminating against people just because they are wealthier than you shows your envy of them. Have you ever eaten a piece of meat? Worn leather shoes? Taken any medicine?
Peter Graham, Sussex

Why is it that film of fox hunting only show pictures of 'upper class' people, when in fact they are in the minority (eg like a few company directors and the rest are ordinary working class people !)

Also a fox is an indiscriminate killer who kills just because it is inborn -- On my smallholding there are 100's of rabbits yet they would rather destroy sitting (literally)ducks, chicken and chicks, not just for food but for the hell of it ! I hate cruelty so I don't use poison, but any other form of ridding this vermin is ok by me -- just see the mess they leave behind!!!!

Is not battery chicken farming, egg producers and the recent news item about a well known turkey producer who does'nt seem to think about the barbaric cruelty to thousands of birds in their sheds-- and have you seen film of them being slaughtered? No? Then think about that ! Our local hunt rarely see a fox, much less kill one - the sport is the thrill of the gallop across the countryside, not the possible death of one animal. To those of you who see the cruelty in fox hunting may I suggest you open your eyes a little wider and see the barbarity in the way some of the meat you eat daily is despatched (with no chance of escape!).
Cornish lad, St Austell

As an American looking in from the outside, I see the issue set before you as a truely heated argument and I can understand the magnitude of the issue. The fox is a cunning and respected opponent where I live and the opportunity to see, ne'ermind shoot at one, is much less likely than seeing one crumpled up on the side of the road. The overpopulation in New England is at such an extent that the hunting season has once again broadened and the farmers, with few enough hours in the day appreciate the assistance that we, my friends (or cohorts as the other side may see it)and I provide. The fox is rampant here after the reduction of hunting methods and tools in the early to mid points of the century, and while a fox or coyote is difficuly to call in, the chickens unfortunately see more of them than we do. The methods of hunting fox with hound seen in your country are as closely tied to our minds image as views of the White Tower or Churchill's heroic speaches.

We, the hunters in the states, realize as well as any that it is much easier for the "simple" (take it as you will) majority to remove the rights of those that the rights to protect than it is to ressurect those rights from the dustbin of historic ignorance and disuse. If the hunters wish to keep their rights then speak up and protect them not only for you, but for the inexorable crush of humanity that will follow you after you are gone. Our N.R.A. (National Rifle Association) uses England and Australia's disarmament as a rally for the protection of our god-given right to bear arms. I myself disagreed with any and all use of firearms (as advertised in the media) until I was shown my ignorance in their uses by a family friend and I now would fight for the right that I had simply resigned due to misinformation. We here are reduced in my state to using only rimfire rifles or smokepoles, giving the genius more than enough chance to escape even with a yearlong nonstop hunting season, as in the case of the 'yotes. Given a lack of natural predators, the fox population will explode given enough time. I propose the question is a slow death via crushing (in the case of a car's tires) or being torn apart (as in the case of hounds) more humane? One will increase with the decrease of the other. I apoligize for giving offense to any natives with my comments, but sometimes hearing an outside opinion can assist in the making of a decision. ~Even the wise cannot see all ends... J.R.R. Tolkien
Ian Noonan, Rhode Island, USA

Live fox hunting should be banned, I am sure that there are more humane ways of reducing the fox population without causing such suffering for the animal. It is a barbaric act. We are in the 21st century, and with our desire for comfort, we extend to all living creatures, the right to a life without fear.

I did hear on the radio yesterday an idea of which i heartily approve that of castration of the male fox, this could also be extended to the spaying of female foxes. Then the foxes will die out naturally.

To accommadate those who enjoy fox hunting - then why not have a decoy fox, with all our knowledge of computers, someone could design a fox replica, which could be controlled by radio or whatever, the thrill of the hunt is not the actual killing of the fox it is the chase. Therefore I see no reason why hunting should not be updated to come into line with the values and standards of a 21st century man. This goes for all live hunting sports. LOOK OUT you line fishermen, it will be your turn next!!!
Miss Hilary Pitt

Fox hunting should definitely be allowed to continue. There are already foxes making a terrible nuisance in urban areas, spreading diseases like mange, fleas etc. If we allow them to breed at the current rate we will be overrun by them in the same way as we a re with mice and rats. Had 'kind' traps never been invented mice would have been killed not caught then let go to pester somebody else!
Bindatek, Port Isaac

Fox hunting is not a bad thing its what is in the foxes instincts. It only kills the weakest foxes.
Yas and shone, Hereford

Fox hunting is tremendously barbaric, I live in St.Ives and every year on feast day there is a hunt that leaves from town, even as kids we all used to be against it, we even took to protesting at 11 years old, surely there is a more humane way in which these animals can be slaughtered!the new generation won't put up with it!
Matthew, St.Ives

I understand that Mr Hitler banned the hunting of fox's with hounds many years ago, has there been any investigation as to what the consequences of this, if true, have been, both on the foxs, and on the effects this may have had on the people who would otherwise have been involved . (That is, Mr Hitler in Germany circa 1938 ish.). I think that if true , the conclusions might be of interest.
Mr. Alan Edgar, Par

Of course foxhunting should be banned. It's is very crueal,for the foxes,and the dogs.Lots of dogs too have been killed during a foxhunt. It is oldfashioned and one of the most stupiest 'traditions' I've ever heard of. I guess the pro's of foxhunting are earning their bloodmoney with this damn "sport". Foxhunters should be hunted down and ripped into pieces themselfs as far as I am concerned.They are a waisteof space! I might not live anymore in Cornwall,but lived there enough years to see how wrong it is.And although i live in a city ,I have been brought up in the country site and know were I am talking about.
Riane, The Hague,The Netherlands

I'm not pro fox hunting, I'm not anti-fox hunting. My fear is that if fox hunting is banned what the knock on effects will be, especially for wildlife. For instance, there are coverts in which foxes hide whilst being chased. If hunting is banned, I really can't see farmers keeping the coverts. Why should they? After all, its land that could be farmed. What will happen to all the birds, insects, badgers and flora? It will be gone. In this time when habitats are fast decreasing, surely its better to leave them, and hunting, as it stands?
Sally Donald-Deacon, Derby

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