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16 April 2014
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You are in: Cornwall > In Pictures > Photo Galleries > Surfing > International surf galleries

International surf galleries

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Whoa! Some of these photos are just amazing! I really respect People who can surf because I have ALWAYS wanted to give it a go and when i did i was rubbish! Keep up all the good work guys and girls!

good selection of pics. thanks v much.

Matt Black
brilliant pictures. Are they all in cornwall?

Paul Hughes
What about St.Agnes beach?

Arjen Jansma
Great pics! wish I knew where some of these places are. Mostly UK?

great pics but it would be nice to know what beaches they are from!

this galery is just marvellous. i would like to see more!!

Ohhhhh My GOD!! This is well cool but i would never surf in those waves!!

Surfing Rox dudes!! Your gallery is totally sweet, keep it wiv more pics mates Luv Lauren xxx

hey, im a surfer i have been since i was about 3 years old and some of those waves are so big i think i would be s**ting myself if i had surf them!!!!!!! keep it easy luv emma x x x x x x x x x x

Colin Slade
Good quality pictures, but lets get a british picture gallery going!

hey, i think its a pretty good gallery. I cant wait till i next go surfing now.. i dont think you should be allowed to edit comments you crazy bbc worms. When you do take over the world, remember to keep me alive.

keri moxom
dats a huge wave, oh my god how did he do that?

Nice pics.

better off riding this one out!

The pics are gr8! They may seem scary but when ur reli surfing it is much scarier!

sophie hughes
that is amazin, gotta go there sum day!!

Natalie Honey
Some of them waves are amazing and they must have alot of courage to surf them!


maureen from manchester
Hi there The photo,s are really cool, good one of my fav surfer, THE ONE AND ONLY RUSSELL WINTER

maureen from manchester
glad to see he is still surfing missed him in the maldives

Laura, aged 14
Wow, i think the pictures are amazing. I think the surfers are really brave and it must taake a lot of courage to get out there with the really big waves and ride them so well. I love bodyboarding and I would love to try surfing. I thin the surfing gallery is brilliant. Thank you for letting us see such fantastic pictures.

o wow :O relly scary

Awesome - too short

Phil Bones

Danny Gold
i think its brilliant

it rocks

i think the surfing gallery is awsom they are some of the best surfing photoes iv ever seen. me n family are goin to cornwal this year and are hoping to do a bit of surfing out selves but nothing on this scale. well the images are wiked and who evers talken them is an awson dude or dudess bixxxx

I think the surf gallery is great!!!!! I love newquay and the rest of cornwall it's great to be able to see all of this even though i live in the midlands

Emma Fyfe
some wiked waves

Emma Vincent
great pictures, maybe have some more women!! I might send some in!! Also, with the pictures from Cornwall's beaches if it is possible it would be cool to say from which beach! Just a suggestion. Good work! Some lush waves

Jack Good
Regards from The OC (Orange County, Southern California). Great site - but more Cornish monsters needed (farely rare, I know).

Cortes Bank looks gnarly.

excelent!In need of some Bruce Iron's pictures though!

You are in: Cornwall > In Pictures > Photo Galleries > Surfing > International surf galleries


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