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28 October 2014
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The Boscastle floods 2004
The Boscastle floods August 2004

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i was at boscastle in the july before the floods and i was horrified to see the devestation the floods caused to such a lovely little village.i revisited boscastle this july and i was happy to see the village getting back to is normal self.i was shocked to see the water level plackards as i di dnot think the water was so deep!

Lisa Bassett 12yrs old
I didn't even notice the water under my bed till my sister started to scream. I had never experienced anything like it in my life, I thought me and my family were going to die luckily we survied

I went there just a year before this happened and i can remember standing on the footbridge that is no longer there :( its dreadful.

Keep living boscastle villiagers and it will all come together

You need a better website for writing essays on the Boscastle floods. i have been searching for ages on the internet and there is none. i need to know where Boscastle is, but there isn't even a map. argh. however i have read a lot about the devasation and it's quite touching! i hope everyone who experienced the floods is doing well. sorry for being arrogant

i am very said for all the homes which where damange and i hope they are fixed and hope 2 learn more about boscastle

katy (student)
i have to do a essay on the floods in cornwall 2004 i never new they were this bad i had no idea it is horrific!!!!

Emily Welling
I think the Boscastle flood was dreadfull

so sad to hear about this destruction, that beautiful village destroyed :( :(

Katrina Jack 13 YRS
i feel so sorry 4 what happenend the same happenend to me

Beth hulme
its a tragedy to all the poeple who have lost there homes.. hope thins get better soon

Verry sorry to see ,love boscastle much.all the best

Steve Orton, West Midlands
I was there in Boscatle a week before the disaster. I was shocked to see the devestation it caused and felt for the people there. I did try and return back in June this year but the whole area was very busy but could see the rejuvenation that was being done and looked very good. Look forward to making a full visit in due course.

my house was toatally submergered in the carlile floods we were all asleep and were woken when the water moved our beds we had to go into the loft and i was scared because my wife and two daughters looked to be in a bad way but we all made it through we know what yu are going through

I visited Boscastle a few weeks ago and it is great to see how all the buisinesses and shops are up and running again. I also thought that the museum of witchcraft was really good, especially where it showed you how high the water levels were. Keep up the good work!

postman pat
im glad to know that nobody got hurt and i hope that eveyone is not too upset love every1 from the holt school

laura freeman - the holt school
im very sorry to hear about this tragedy.. hope things get better soon

danni ryan
im very sorry to hear about this tragedy.. hope things get better soon

hi 2 all the people i just want 2 say that dont worry were all supporting you!!!!

bob davidson
it is really upsetting to hear about all the damage and destruction that has been caused by this terrible flood. however i am grateful that no1 got hurt.

elishia miller
i am really devastated about this flood it is really sad i hope it never happens again.

emily evans
dont worry we love you and we will support you

kim cooper
i was very concerned at the amount of damage caused by this devastating is a very big desaster and i do hope that it never happens again. although i must say that i was amased that noone got hurt

joe bloggs
i think it is really sad how many peoples possestions got ruined and all the cars. But glad no one got hurt

kelly moore
i was devastated to hear of the sorrow and destruction inflicted on the lovley village. i am extreamly pleased to know that know one died xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

selina ladher
dont worry were here and we will be very supportive we will help you get though!

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