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13 November 2014

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David White

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Mart and his shed

Men And Sheds

On the David White Show this week we were talking about why men love their sheds and you, dear listeners, gave us some very funny stories about why men love to spend time in a shed. See some photos and hear about some of the finest sheds in Cornwall.

It's a psychological phenomenon, why do men love a shed? David White spoke to some blokes who not only love to spend time in their sheds, some actually live in them too! See some photos that our listeners sent in of their sheds.

Martin from Falmouth has spent months converting his shed so he can now live in it. It has all mod cons; a kettle, a bed, playstation, keyboards, guitar, solar heating and even broadband! Every man's dream shed by the sounds of it.

You men can talk forever about sheds. Peter says he spends time in his shed to get away from his nagging other half:

One lady, Lynn from St Austell explained how her husband used to disappear to their shed to get away from her and their three daughters.

Guy from Portscatho explains why he lives in his shed.

Kevin in Dawlish says: "My mate Andy, a fireman has a shed in his garden in my village, which is affectionately known as "The Shed Bar". Well it doesn't take a genius to work out what goes on in his shed, needless to say those that enter sober rarely leave in the same state.

"It's carpeted, has seating for half a dozen, there's cards of nuts girls on the wall and a bulging fridge full of beer and cider. He has gas heating and subtle lighting, and even a small gas cooker for heating up the pies when the munchies set in!

"Visiting friends are often surprised to hear that there's another watering hole in the village, called "The Shed Bar", open when the pubs close, only to find it really is in a SHED when they arrive! We've spent many an evening in Andy's establishment deliberating over total rubbish, topics like 'which member of Girls Aloud would you start with (and finish on!) and things that haven't been invented yet - and they say women can talk!"

Are you a man who loves your shed? Is it a haven you go to regularly? Please tell us why and send a picture of you in your shed to

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You are in: Cornwall > Local Radio > David White > Men And Sheds

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