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13 November 2014

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David White

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Plank Of The Week

If you're a regular listener to The David White show you will know that each week we hear from listeners who have done something a little daft. Are you a contender for 'Plank Of The Week'? Email your stories to us...

plank of the week

Previous plank winner Sadie with trophy

Milton in Mousehole:

"My mother was helping me reverse into a car parking space in Mousehole and I saw a lady walking by in a bikini and kept reversing and knocked my poor mum over the bonnet of a parked car!"

Alan: "While pushing my baby son in his pushchair in Falmouth a young boy of about 5 years old was looking at my son and not looking where he was going.  Its an old one I know but the boy walks straight into a lamp post, hurting himself enough to start crying.  Laughing so hard I just had to keep going."

Rik from Liskeard:

"I had my capri in the early 70's and in those days it was the fashion to remove the bumpers to look flash. My car was green and had a big black "go fast" stripe from the front to the back right over the top.


The battery operated candle. Plank!

"One day I was driving through Stevenage, music blazing out the 6 x 9 speakers as loud as possible, sun shades on, arm hanging out the window. Just looking the real original cool dude.

"I just came off this roundabout when I saw this girl on the other side of the road with the shortest skirt and the longest legs in the world was walking along.

"I had no choice other than to wolf whistle her as loud as I could while looking at her.

"WHALLOP!!! In front of me was a car waiting to turn right into a garage. I had driven straight into the rear of the car, COMPLETELY writing off not only that car, but my Capri as well.

"I then had to get out my car and stand by my wreck as the girl walked by and gave me a little smile, then burst our laughing. I would not have minded if I got her phone number but all I got was the other driver's number.... A BLOKE!"

Ben Bellamy of Helston:

"Plank of the week goes to Ben Bellamy of Helston because he left his house and in the process locked one daughter in and one daughter out - in the rain! " Russell.

Emma Eed:

Jimbo in Praa sands is nominating Emma Eed: Jimbo says, "I have got a picture of a toy tractor smashed up by my daughter on my facebook page, and she just texted me thinking it was a real tractor and said "what's happened to the tractor!"

Tintin and Dangerous Brian:

Tintin and Dangerous Brian nominated by Richard: "he other night they were leaving work and jumped in the van and left the fields to go home, they got a call from boss to say have they picked up Yarrick the polish lad? They said no, so went back all the way back to field and both jumped out the van and started shouting his name, suddenly the back of the van opened up and out popped Yarrick who'd been sitting there all the time!"

David G in Par:

"Me, Arlene and some friends went for a meal the other night. On the tables there were tea lights in red globes and as it was a bit quiet in the restaurant I thought lighting a tea light would give it a bit more ambience. After many many attempts at trying unsuccessfully to light it, Arlene took the tea light out of the globe and she burst out laughing. Arlene said I had been trying to light a battery operated tea light! Arlene switched it on and there was an immediate golden-ish glow with a hint of burnt plastic."

Dave Worth:

"When I was working in the Caspian sea on a survey boat, I opened the porthole in my cabin to let in a bit of fresh air so I could sleep better, fell asleep but the ship started to roll and woke up to a soaking wet cabin, bedclothes and water everywhere. It was a bit of a shock!"

Ian in Penzance:

"Saw a bus driver in Truro drive into the bollards outside the museum because he was looking at a young lady with large assets."

Previous winner:

Parcel Pete: "About 8 years ago I had a pretty decent bike and took my mate out on the back and we agreed that two revs is the code for him about to pull a wheelie so hold on. Done it all day and was a lot of fun but 1 mile from home decided to do one last wheelie to show off to a bunch of kids on the corner who were signaling me to pop one up.

"So as I did I revved twice popped the front wheel of the ground but unfortunately my mate was not concentrating and was looking at a rather attractive girl on the other side of the road, and as the front wheel came off the ground all I saw was my mates feet go past either side of my head as he shot of the back of the bike and rolled up to the girl. Bet she's never been approached by a man quite like that before!"

Are you a contender for plank of the week? Email your plank nominations to us. You could win a special trophy and the chance to tell your story live on The David White Show on BBC Radio Cornwall.

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You are in: Cornwall > Local Radio > David White > Plank Of The Week

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