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13 November 2014

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David White

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aura sketch

Aura Reading

Cassie Rafferty came on BBC Cornwall's David White show to chat to David about her aura reading abilities. She came with her drawing paper and coloured crayons and read both his and weatherman Kevin's aura on air.

Cassie links in with the person for whom she is reading and begins sketching the persons aura first with their chakras and then puts down the colours as she sees them. She then interprets the colours for that person. See her readings for both Kevin and David below.

Kevin with his aura picture

Kevin with his aura picture

Kevin Thomas - BBC Weatherman

Kevin is a very grounded person because there is a lot of brown around his feet. Green on the left hand side relates to his family, he's a family man and its very important to him.  I feel there is a close link to nature with the brown and he sets roots down and sets goals for himself.

There is a bit of blue on his right which means healing, Kevin has a lot of natural healing and can put people at ease through talking to them, this is coming from his hands. Yellow is uplifting and means knowledge and it's on the outside so this means he will share his knowledge and is quite open. There is orange on the shoulders and this means he puts a lot on his shoulders and he carries things around a lot.

There is a substantial amount of grey which means he is a secret keeper. He is a good talker but can keep secrets and is trustworthy. he can merge into the backround yet is very observant and will keep knowlege to himself and compromise quite a lot. This is a strong part of his character.

For him he can link to people and is very observant and is a good judge of character because it's over his head this is his spiritural side. He has a lovely aura. There is education with him, he has got a lot of growth and a lot for him to learn if he chooses too. Lots of layers with Kevin, he wont expose himself in one go and you have to get to know him well.

David with his aura picture

David with his aura picture

David White - BBC Presenter

Most important to him is a close family link, he is also in touch with nature and the key is family, he is a very emotional person. The blue is a secret of truth, it shows that he likes to know the truth as it's close to his body so it's very important to him.

Unconditional love is the pink as its across his heart, he is quite sensitive and he's thoughtful as it's across his crown chakra. So he keeps it to himself but deep down he's a bit of a pussycat really. He's much more on the surface, he wears his heart on his sleeve.

There is lots of knowledge with him, his is the yellow, and it's all within himself, he is a good communicator but he doesn't like to share his knowledge but as he's got a lot of knowledge to share, he should share it.

There is a lot of white which means there is lots of energy and symbolises a lot of potential, if he chooses to do something he will succeed. Purple means his soul is evolving, there is a lot of stuff coming in around him which means that he will be evolving.

The orange around his head is confidence and joy of character and he's seeking more knowledge for the of evolving of the soul.

For more information on Cassie and her aura reading click on the website link below:

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created: 29/06/2009

You are in: Cornwall > Local Radio > David White > Aura Reading

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