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28 October 2014

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Local surfer Sam Lamiroy in action

Cornish Surf Lingo

The massive Boardmasters event is happening right here in Cornwall. Surfers and holiday makers from all over the world will be heading to Fistral Beach to watch the action. So we thought it was time to check out some Cornish surfing lingo...

BBC Radio Cornwall's Rod Lyon has presented the News in Cornish for many years.

Each Sunday he brings together the weekly round up of all the things happening in Cornwall, and he translates them into Cornish.

Newquay's Russell Winter

Does local surfer Russell Winter know the lingo?

So we set Rod the challenge of coming up with some surfing lingo, but in Cornish. Here's what he came up with. We hope to hear you trying it out on Fistral Beach at this year's Boardmasters competition!

We've written the lingo in English then Cornish on this page for you to practice before you hit the surf.

You can also hear how it all sounds on the link below: 

The surf is looking epic, let's go catch some waves!
Ma semlant an mordarth gorwiw, gren nei mos dhe synsi nebes tonnow!

I got barrelled at Porthleven.
Th ere’vy pibys dhe Borthleven.

Can I borrow your longboard?
Ella’ma chervysya ‘gas bord-hir.

I'm riding my new fish this summer.
Th erom ow marhogeth ow fysk noweth an hav ma.

What time is low tide?
P’eur ew mordryg?

Have you checked the surf forecast?
A rugo’hwei chekkya an dhargan vordarth?

The swell is building all week and the wind is going offshore
Ma’n keyngen ow kressya an seythen oll ha ma an gwyns ow mos dhort an als.

Let's check that secret spot on the south coast.
Gren nei chekkya an le priva war an als dehow.

The waves at fistral were glassy last night.
An tonnow dhe Fistral o gwedrek nyhewer.

Perranporth is 6 foot and clean.
Porthpyran ew hwegh troos-hes ha glan.

Watergate bay is an onshore mess.
Plegmor Watergate ew stroll war als.

There's no surf today, it's flat!
Nyns eus mordarth hedhyw, th ew kompes!

Some vocab:

Tube riding
Marhogeth pib

Beach break/Reef break/Point break
Tor treth/ Tor krib/ Tor pentir

Hang-ten - (can also be called 'Nose-riding')
Kregi-deg po Tron marhogeth


last updated: 01/08/2008 at 14:47
created: 01/08/2008

You are in: Cornwall > Surfing & extreme sports > Surf Features > Cornish Surf Lingo

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