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28 October 2014

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Local History

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Restormel Castle today

Shrouded in Mystery

The ancient remains of Restormel Castle are home to a long history, although much of it is unknown. The attraction brings in thousands of people each year to get lost in time among the ruins near Lostwithiel...

There is no mention of Restormel Castle in the Doomsday Book.

However experts believe it was built around 1086.

Restormel Castle

An old shot taken from the air

The castle was built on an important site. It overlooks what was probably the major crossing point over the River Fowey.

The great 13th-century circular shell-keep of Restormel still encloses the principal rooms of the castle in remarkably good condition.

It stands on an earlier Norman mound surrounded by a deep dry ditch, atop a high spur beside the River Fowey.

Artist impression

Inside the old castle, artist impression

The castle was twice visited by the Black Prince, in 1354 and in 1365. For a while Edward, the Black Prince, made Restormel Castle his base.

The castle was entered over a drawbridge. It is believed there was also a second drawbridge which existed by the Gate Tower.

Little evidence remains of the original castle, but some masonry of a very early date can be seen at the base of the Gate Tower.

Artist impression

An artist impression of the 1300's castle

The castle's accommodation and great hall were added around a circular courtyard at the end of the 13th Century. The water supply came from a well in the courtyard. There was also another water source which came from a spring outside of the original castle.

Restormel Castle also had a chapel. But not much of that remains today.

The remains of the castle, and all about its history can be found in a quiet part of the Cornish countryside near Lostwithiel.

For opening times, and further information, click on the link below:

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You are in: Cornwall > History > Local History > Shrouded in Mystery

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