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28 October 2014

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Thrusters Diary

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Ice cream head

The crumbliest most flakiest surfer

Warm Wetties

Now is traditionally a good time of year for skinflints like myself to get hold of a cheap winter suit for next year, as this winter’s unsold stock is usually flogged at reduced prices.

Facts about Thruster

Thruster didn't take up surfing until he was 19, but soon became hooked and was determined to let neither a late start, nor a remarkable dearth of natural talent stand in his way.

Now aged 39 he still sincerely believes it is only a matter of time before he becomes world champion.

Also obsessed with snowboarding, at which he is marginally more impressive (he can stand up), Thruster has been writing surfing and extreme sports articles for 14 years. His next journalistic challenge is to write a good one.

Home Break: Gwithian

Surf Trips: Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Philippines, Fiji, Indonesia, NZ, Hawaii, Australia, South Africa, Canaries, Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland.

Surfers' Ear Operations: 3 (but needs another)

Would love to live in: Galicia

Board: 6'4" x 18 ¾ rounded pin (and a 7'4" log when really desperate)

Standard: Easily one of the best in his cul-de-sac.

However, it is unlikely that many of this year's leftovers will find buyers, no matter how big the discounts. 

The reason is that a totally new breed of winter wetsuit is waiting around the corner, a suit that will keep you more comfortable through those frosty February mornings than you could previously have imagined, and I'm proud to say, it was dreamt up by my own sister.

The concept, like my sister, is simple.  What’s the worst thing about surfing in the winter?  Ice-cream headaches. What's the best thing about surfing in winter? Peeing in your wetsuit!

Now imagine that a wetsuit existed incorporating a tube leading directly from your winkle to the top of your hood.  What could relieve the cranial agony of having to duck-dive an approaching ten wave set more than the ability to "warm rinse" your own head while doing so?

ice cream head

Thruster's got icecream headaches licked

All the major players in the wetsuit game are already working on prototypes, and the predicted boom in winter suit sales has allowed new manufacturers such as Hot-Hose Wetties to emerge. 

A spokesman for Hot-Hose told me that the men's suits were already working nicely but on the women’s models, fluid collection was, on the hole, more difficult.


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You are in: Cornwall > Surfing & extreme sports > Thrusters Diary > Warm Wetties


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