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29 July 2014
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Planet Cornwall

Fresh fruit and vegetables

Switching to Local

Mother and daughter duo, Pat Noble and Louise Cannons will be giving up something a little more unusual than say, alcohol or chocolate for lent. They have decided to stop shopping at the supermarket. Read Pat's diary...

Pat and her daughter Louise have decided that they want to make the planet a better and to do this they are starting locally.

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They have decided to give up shopping at the supermarket and to shop locally in their home village of Chapel Porth, St Agnes.

Day 1 Ash Wednesday 21st February 2007

Absolutely no problems at all today with shopping locally.  I am feeling a bit nervous about an interview tomorrow with Radio Cornwall who are interested in what we are doing as part of their ‘Planet Cornwall’ project starting on the 1st March, I know I shall say all the wrong things, it is so hard to communicate just how passionate I feel about all kinds of environmental issues, supermarket shopping is only one of those issues, but it is something that both Louise and I both feel can make a difference, especially the local producers of the excellent foods on offer in the local shops and other outlets. 

I think it will be more difficult for Louise having children but having said that the children eat all kinds of vegetables and healthy foods, it will be the practicality of making it work. The Supermarkets offer perhaps too much choice so we will be limiting our shopping to mostly seasonal produce and we still have vegetables and fruit in the freezer from the garden last summer, we have raspberries, gooseberries, apples, sliced and purees, peas, beans, soya beans. Our local greengrocers offer lovely apples from Devon but no peaches, papaya’s or mangoes but do we need those things in February?

Day 2  Thursday  22nd February 2007

Interview over, I was nervous and probably said the wrong things.  We went to the Eden project today, it was very appropriate and we felt even more inspired.  Although for many years (remembering the All Muck and Magic series in the 70’s) I have organically shopped, grown vegetables, recycled, composted, energy saving, but I have relied too heavily on supermarkets because of a busy life of convenience, I cannot do it anymore, especially when I hear about vast profits made by the supermarkets off the backs of disadvantaged and poorer people from certain overseas countries, but conversely they do create employment and support fair trade.  I guess it is all about providing cheap food to a demanding western society and whilst recognising that I am fortunate enough to pay more for food, there are many people who cannot, so I just feel guilty and confused and I certainly would never preach to anyone.
Louise and I are quite used to using farmers markets and local shops so with a little planning I think we can make this work.  We are delighted to have brought some locally produced foods at the Eden project, we are not feeling deprived at all!

Day 3  Friday 23 February 2007

Louise and I went shopping this morning armed with Hessian bags and baskets to the local stores in St Agnes and what a lovely variety of fresh fruit and vegetables awaited us in the greengrocers, a lot of it organic and cheaper than the supermarket. Cauliflower, Kale, Spring greens, Spinach, Purple sprouting broccoli, celeriac and locally grown organic mushrooms and we didn’t have to buy such huge quantities, we brought a small amount of each because we will be shopping again in a few days time, we shared the rather large cauliflower.

Buying fish is slightly more difficult as the fish shop is closed until Easter but there is a mobile fish van visiting but I haven’t seen it for a while, so we need to work on that one as we like to buy fish often.  The Butcher shops offer local and free range meat and local cheese and cooked thinks, So good!! I must phone John Earl next door he sells very good fish from time to time.

Day 4  Saturday 24 February 2007

No shopping today, John and I went to St Ives, while we were there we called into a deli/café for coffee.  On their menu were the most delicious things to eat and all locally sourced, cakes and breads and all fresh vegetables, locally made organic Ice creams and lovely friendly people.  We brought a lovely fresh loaf of a speciality bread for our lunch which was delicious with local cheese, ham and chutney.

Day 5  Sunday  25 February 2007

I made lunch for the family, everything we ate was locally produced.  Roast beef, lots of lovely fresh vegetables and the eggs and milk in the Yorkshire puddings were locally produced., the Doves farm flour comes from Berkshire but brought in Cornwall from a local shop.   We brought two 16 kg bags to lighten the load of carrying shopping, likewise the potatoes we have brought from a local farm in a big sack.
The fruit in the crumble was from the freezer grown in the garden last year, we had apple and raspberry crumble and a gooseberry and orange pie to choose from – yummy, What a feast!

Day 6   Monday 26 February 2007

Didn't shop but baked bread and a banana loaf and wonderful soup with all the vegetables, did quite a lot and froze some of it.

Day 7  Tuesday  27 February 2007

Made two lots of Yoghurt, whole milk and creamy, and skimmed milk.  I also made a lemon layer pudding to take to Keith and Cathy’s house tonight for dinner.  We had a lovely dinner with friends Keith and Cathy tonight, she sourced her ingredients locally and it was delicious, we chatted enthusiastically about ‘Planet Cornwall’ and as Cathy is an environmentalist by profession our evening was extremely interesting and encouraging.

Day 7   Wednesday  28 February 2007

One week passed and no problems at all, it has been most enjoyable meeting with local people and producers and learning about how committed they are to supporting Cornwall in it's efforts to deliver locally grown produce to the community.
Again today we brought a fresh supply of vegetables , fruit, seeds for sprouting, organic bananas and some delicious honey at a very good price.

We have been so encouraged by what we have been able to buy and we are definitely saving money. We have recycled or composted the brown paper bags that the vegetables are weighed in , instead of having to throw away those awful plastic containers that do not recycle, although I save most of them to use in the garden and sowing seeds.  I was delighted also to learn that the local shopkeepers suppliers are very local, Penzance being the farthest in distance and they support schemes which include employing people with a special needs, so from us buying this local produce it has a knock on effect in the wider community in terms of employment for local people and support for people with a special need.

Thursday 1st March 2007

Entering the second week and we really are not having any problems, we are really enjoying doing this worth while project, we are using the car less and less and we are combining various journeys to maximise the use of time, for instance taking the children to school (we are too far away, at least 3 miles to walk to school) with daily shopping.  Louise and I at the moment are sharing a freezer as we live next door to each other, this makes sense and is a little bit more environmentally friendly.

Friday 2nd March 2007

Shopping in the village, I brought some lovely cherry tomatoes on the vine, not too many, I had to buy much smaller amounts every few days so my fridge is not stuffed to overflowing with vegetables in plastic trays.  I have been able to buy a wonderful selection of seasonal vegetables, especially locally grown purple sprouting broccoli, on a daily basis. There is no waste now as I am ashamed to say there has been in the past.  Although we compost absolutely everything we can. We had much less rubbish this week, one bag each, and no plastic containers which do not recycle.
A lovely recipe for purple sprouting broccoli:- Steam the purple sprouting for 5-8 minutes, mix together some olive oil and balsamic vinegar, pour over the purple sprouting broccoli and sprinkle with crushed sesame seeds – Delicious.

Louise took the children to Truro for new shoes today and said there was an excellent market in the Piazza, she bought some very good cheese and delicious dips, there was a very good range of high quality products for sale, the next one is on 6th – 7th April and mustn’t forget on the 26th -28th May at Trelissick Gardens.

Saturday 3rd March 2007

John and I went for a very long walk today so I was late going to the village, I didn’t need a great deal but I bought some very nice Goats cheese and some Goats milk from the local grocers, but it is from a farm near Truro and it is very good indeed, I also bought some butchers ham for John’s lunch and some lovely fresh Cox’s apples from the greengrocers.
The weather was wonderful today so Louise and I worked in the polytunnel putting in lots of seeds, spinach, land cress (type of watercress but grown on land), lettuce/salad leaves and Rocket.  The salad seeds will be ready to cut in 3 weeks and the spinach in 6.

Sunday 4th March 2007

Louise made lunch, the chicken from Calernick Farm was excellent, very delicious and very moist, again all local produced vegetables, we ate our last remaining Christmas pudding with some local cream. The children were busy this afternoon making cakes for tea.

Monday 5th March 2007

More shopping, I managed to buy everything I needed to make Hollies birthday cake but I couldn’t get a pick ribbon.

Tuesday 6th March 2007

I have been walking into the village from my home at Chapel Porth about 1.5 miles, it only takes 25 minutes each way. I bought some lovely fresh watercress, it goes well with a leek and corn croustade which I make from local leeks and Goats milk.
However I encountered my first difficulty today, I have a favourite recipe for a Spicy vegetable roll, I managed to get all the ingredients even feta cheese, but I couldn’t get any filo pastry, so I tried to make some with disastrous results, but it was very funny and what appeared on the dinner table didn’t even remotely resemble the usual finished dish delicately decorated with roasted flaked almonds, in fact I cant find the appropriate words to describe it but I managed to disguise it beneath a watercress garnish!

Wednesday 7th March 2007

Louise and I went to Falmouth today where we were certain that we would be able to buy some nice fresh Mackerel for the stuffed Mackerel wrapped in vine leaves recipe but we couldn’t find any anywhere.  We also tried the shops in St.Agnes but our local shop is closed at the moment but is reopening next Tuesday.  We do know, however, that we could have bought Mackerel from any of the supermarkets in and around Falmouth.  I did manage to find some filo pastry in the Natural Food Shop in Falmouth, this is an excellent shop I use often, the owner of this shop nearly always manages to order in anything that isn’t in stock, so helpful.

I had a very interesting conversation with my brother and sister-in-law who live in a large town in Hampshire, they are following ‘Planet Cornwall’ via the Internet, due to their family roots in Devon and Cornwall.  They said that within 2.5 miles of their home there are three major supermarkets and no independent food shops at all, the one and only fishmongers recently placed a notice in the Evening newspaper to say he was having to close his business after many years of struggling to survive.  The supermarkets have made it impossible for him to continue trading. My brother and sister-in-law could not do what we are doing here in Cornwall.  We are so fortunate to have a wealth of local producers and outlets, we must do everything we can to support them.

Thursday 8th March Week 3 2007

Busy baking for birthday tea tomorrow, with all the locally purchased ingredients except the ribbon which I had to buy in Truro in the fabric shop.  It is now week 3 of the Noble Challenge and it is still going very well and I haven’t missed the supermarket one little bit and I am convinced that I have saved money, had less stress, more exercise from walking into the village, and I am enjoying the social aspect of it, meeting with like minded people.

Friday 9th March 2007

Louise and I seem to have fallen into a sort of pattern doing a bigger shop on a Friday. We bought another sack of potatoes and a string of onions from a farm shop nearby, our on home grown potatoes and onions ran out ages ago, we are planting lots more this year and are thinking about planting up one of the fields. For the main part of shopping we did at our local greengrocers shop, there is so much fresh and organic local produce to choose from.  I was delighted to buy some blood oranges from Italy and interestingly I was listening to the Radio 4 food Programme where they talked about how blood oranges have become less popular and guess why – because their skins are thinner than ordinary oranges and the supermarkets do not like to stock them because they damage more easily through rough handling and packaging.  So consequently the orange growers in Italy cannot find an overseas market. But smaller independent shop are still able to source them.

Saturday 10th March 2007

One of our local shops may have to stop selling the Organic milk due to the higher price, it is less popular than the non organic milk, I find that a bit sad, I like to buy organic milk. However they do sell other locally produced milk so it’s ok. They will still sell the cheese and butter.

Sunday 11th March 2007

We had a bring and share lunch today at church and my contribution was home made with locally bought produce.   A lot of people asked me about the challenge and seem very interested and encouraging.

Monday 12th March 2007

The locally grown purple sprouting broccoli is superb at the moment, I must make sure I put it in water in the fridge as soon as I get home from shopping it keeps beautifully like that for several days. We had some fennel today in cheese sauce, very simple and delicious, served with the purple sprouting.

Tuesday 13th March 2007

Exciting day today, Chris earl reopened his lovely fish shop along with a new manager, I bought 4 lovely big fresh Cornish  Mackerel and Louise bought some Ling for making breaded fish, I think she preferred Cod but she thought it was quite nice, the children preferred the stuffed mackerel at dinner time!  We have missed the shop, it was surprisingly difficult to get fresh fish without travelling some distance which we try hard not to do.  The fish is much cheaper than the supermarket price and very fresh.

Wednesday 14th March 2007

Wonderful weather today so I walked to the village with my rucksack to buy a fresh supply of blood oranges and organic bananas.  I went to the Butcher for some free range chicken pieces, they were very good.

We are getting ready for a short break away in our camper van, we are going to do some walking in and around Bridport and west Bay, we always love visiting the excellent farmers market on a Saturday and have seen Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall on occasions, he spent some time explaining how to make Goats Cheese when I tentatively asked him, we love his River Cottage Programmes and I found him to be so friendly.  He came to Truro a year or so ago to do a book signing and the Truro Farmers Market presented him with an excellent box of Cornish goodies, he was delighted.

Thursday 15th March 2007

It was a lovely sunny day today just the right sort of weather to pack the camper for a trip away.. I went to Chacewater Garden Centre this morning for dog food and it was very reasonably priced, I couldn’t resist buying a few plants, they had an early variety of broad bean plants at £1.99 for 6 and as a very busy mouse dined on the ones I brought on myself, I bought some. I will be planting several broad bean plants in the field, the rabbits do not eat them, they eat everything else, they don’t eat potatoes or pumpkins.
John really enjoyed the organic sausages from the farm, there were so many different flavours to choose from.

Friday 16th March 2007

Off by 10am this morning another lovely sunny day but the weather forecast doesn’t look too promising, an artic blast is on the way, we decided to take the risk and still go.  We had some tasty local delicacies in our little fridge and a store of home made soup, just in case we get stranded, I think we are beginning to regret not buying those snow chains advertised in the Motor home magazine last month!
We arrived at Eype near Bridport after a very good journey, it is very windy here as the camp site is perched on a cliff top above the sea, amazing views but we are rocking a bit.  We walked to West Bay Harbour once we were set up to find some nice fish for tea, we watched the fishing boats coming in with fresh fish and scallops. The walk back to the camper is extremely steep so we were more than ready to sample the tasty catch.

Saturday 17th March 2007

We walked into Bridport with our rucksack this morning to the street market.  It was a lovely day and people were sitting in the square drinking coffee and listening to the musicians playing, alongside the many stalls selling local produce were stalls selling Italian food and Greek food.  There is an interesting stall selling Blueberry products from their blueberry farm, wonderful juices, home made pies, jams and biscuits.  Also the W.I with all of their locally baked goodies, who needs a supermarket!  I read in the local Bridport news today that Jamie Oliver has recently visited Bridport and took some Supermarket executives out into the community to producers of local foods and products, I was delighted to read about that.  I remember (in the distant days of supermarket shopping) trying to buy some Cornish Honey in Tesco’s and there wasn’t any.

Sunday 18th March 2007

The weather has arrived, gale force winds and bitterly cold wind sleet and snow.  I opened my Mothers Day cards and gifts which we brought with us and decided to brave the weather and walk down to West Bay for lunch but to our surprise the Fish mongers was open and selling home made fish cakes with a chilli sauce so we brought them and made a hasty retreat to the camper to cook them before the weather became completely impossible.  The fish cakes were so delicious and much nicer than we could have eaten at the local smart hotel.  So it was a lovely Mothers Day.

Monday 19th March 2007

Oh dear, what weather, snow, gales, we had to sleep on the lower bed last night as the upper bed was rocking about too much.  We decided it would be wise to head back to Cornwall, we left about 9.30 am and drove through snow storms, we were home by 3pm, despite a difficult journey and a puncture!
Louise had lit the wood burners and all was well, we still had lots of lovely goodies to eat.

Tuesday 20th March 2007

Woke up to quite a layer of snow and the Magnolia tree looking very sad and faded.  I really needed to shop today but decided to wait for another day hopefully the weather will improve.  I did some baking and I still had things to use from last week.  I had three raw beetroots that I bought from the greengrocer and some tomatoes, so I made a Pizza after roasting the beetroot in Olive oil, it was surprisingly tasty.  I am really enjoying making things from what I have, my freezer is now quite empty of convenience foods, I used to keep a few things in for emergencies, but I haven’t missed them and I’m not sure what constitutes an emergency.  I didn’t have any of the usual salad leaves so I made a salad of grated carrot, celeriac, bean sprouts and watercress.  We shared a papaya for pudding with some Cornish Ice Cream, I bought the Papaya in Bridport at the weekend.

Wednesday 21st March 2007

It is now more than 4 weeks since I visited a supermarket, I can’t quite believe how easy I have found it and so enjoyable, I have met lots of new like minded folk and am reaping the benefits in many unexpected ways.  I have spent less money, in fact a lot less, I have had one small bag of non recyclable rubbish a week, no plastic bags or containers.
Louise and I are researching Organic Box systems, we have in the past used Riverford Organic boxes from Devon but theirs is a box system operating here in Cornwall and is based in St.Agnes, it is called ‘The Tree of Life’, we are ordering a box for next week.

Thursday 22nd March 2007

As I mentioned last week Louise and  I have been researching organic veggie boxes.  We ordered one from Riverford farm and found it to be quite good, we had a large mixed box with some fruit, everything was wonderfully fresh with completely biodegradable boxes and bags.  We were too late this week to place an order with ‘The Tree of Life’ organic box system but we are going to do that next week as it is a very local company from Mithian near St Agnes. We continue to use excellent local greengrocers shops as this is something we will be doing on a permanent basis.

Friday  23rd March 2007

It has been about five weeks since I have needed to do a fairly ‘big shop’, my basic foodstuffs are running out, as I like to shop at the Natural Store in Falmouth for my store of organic health foods and my wheat free flour I decided to do my shop there.  I managed to get everything I needed, grains, dried fruit, coffee and tea, juices, local honey and preserves, organic eggs, flour, nuts, seeds, local organic milk and cheese plus all my biodegradable cleaning products. I spent a £100, less than I would have spent at the supermarket and if you spend a £100 you get a 10% discount – absolutely brilliant much better than loyalty points.  The service is brilliant and they order anything that isn’t in the shop.  Louise had a 5% discount on her £50 shopping bill.

Saturday 24th March 2007

Gardening today getting ready for the vegetable garden, we need to address our serious pest problem before we do anything in the kitchen garden.  The seeds we sowed in the polytunnel a few weeks ago are doing well but the slugs and snails are active already and have eaten most of the Spinach seedlings but the salad leaves and rocket leaves are ok.   Louise has ordered some ‘Mole Bulbs’ to deter the very bust family of moles resident in the kitchen garden and we are going t look at a sonic mole repeller, a gadget which inserts into the ground and vibrates, we are going to use nematodes this year, a natural method of destroying slugs.

Sunday 25th March 2007

Lovely day, Louise, Paul and the children here for lunch, the children thought they would like roast lamb, as we use meat sparingly it was quite a treat stuffed with garlic and rosemary and served with mint sauce, mint from the garden a lot of our locally produced vegetables and an interesting purple kale which was delicious.  Jessica helped with some preening in the garden and worked really hard, the children then made a coffee and walnut cake for tea with Louise.

Monday 26th March 2007

The fish has been excellent this week our neighbour has a business which operates from chapel Porth supplying fish to local outlets and hotels and he has just reopened to the public, his speciality is shell fish but he has all kinds of fish, mackerel, sole, sea bass, his son Chris runs the fish shop in the village, they are so friendly and helpful.  Louise and I drove to Mithian to put a veggie box order into the ‘The Tree of Life’ for a delivery on Wednesday.

Thursday 27th March 2007

A very busy day today shopping for house things, curtains, bedding, kitchen things for Louise and Paul moving into Lavender Cottage, the new extension is almost finished, there are very nice shops in Cornwall selling all of these things, so shopping locally doesn’t only mean food shopping.

I had a nice time buying plants and seeds and a wonderful Lemon tree with three lemons already on it.  We had some lovely fresh mackerel from our neighbour for dinner tonight stuffed with spices and pine nuts wrapped in vine leaves and roasted.  After a busy day shopping I have to admit fish fingers would have been slightly easier!

Wednesday 28th March 2007

One more diary week to go and we have so enjoyed the experience and I know that I will continue to do this and I think Louise will do the same.  So many positive things have come out of this. 

I walked to the village today to shop with my rucksack, the sun was shinning and it was so much nicer than getting into the car and driving to the supermarket.  The veggie box was delivered to the house today it seems very good, the children are the first to open it and rummage through, a bit like Christmas really.

Thursday 29th March 2007

Well this is the last week of lent and therefore the last week of my diary.   It is hard to believe that in just six weeks we have not only changed the way we shop but also the way we organize and live our daily life.  The organic veggie boxes from the Tree of Life organics were very good and I probably wont need such a large box next week as there is plenty there for several days.  We are still using local greengrocers as we enjoy going to the shop to select what they have to sell in the way of local produce.
Louise, Jessica and I went to the Hall for Cornwall tonight to see the Duchy Ballet Company perform ‘Cinderella’ it was very good, it is good to see the ice cream served during the interval is from Callestick in Cornwall and is very nice and creamy. John watched a T.V programme whilst we were at the Theatre about children working for a pittance picking cocoa beans for chocolate Easter eggs or should I say cheap Easter eggs and we had noticed the incredibly cheap offers the supermarkets have this year 3 eggs for a few pounds, so we searched the kitchen drawers for Easter egg moulds from the distance past and brought several bars of Fair Trade chocolate in preparation to make our own.

Friday 30th March 2007

I walked to the village this morning to buy fish, the fish shop had some lovely Wild Trout caught from Stithians Lake, it was very fresh and very delicious.  This afternoon Louise and I went into Falmouth to buy another 16kg bag of Spelt Flour from the Health shop and some dried fruit for the hot cross buns and fresh organic yeast.  The children bought some tomato plants, as well as sowing a million seeds it looks likely that we could be heading for a heavy tomato harvest this summer!
The rocket has been very successful in the polytunnel, it makes a wonderful pesto, spicy and extremely colourful.

Saturday 31st March

John and I went to Wadebridge today, what a lovely little town that is with very good shops selling local produce.  We bought a free range large chicken from the butcher who featured recently in Rick Steins programme about local produce. I also bought some Rhubarb which we love for tomorrow’s pudding.  Louise and the children worked hard in the garden today, the raised beddings are now ready for planting up and all the trays and pots are washed and clean for sowing seeds.

Sunday 1st April 2007

After Church we all went to Matthew and Angela’s for lunch, I took two puddings, one apple and one rhubarb + orange crumble.  Matthew wasn’t taking the service this morning so he had more time to buy some local produce and as he calls them “Happy Chickens” on Saturday when he is normally preparing his sermon.  It was a lovely afternoon and a delicious lunch.

Monday 2nd April 2007

A very busy day Louise, me and the children spent all day digging potato patches in the field and planting our three blight resistant varieties of potato but we cant resist planting and growing a delicious variety called ‘Pink firs’, they are a knobbly waxy potato that we dig up as earlies as they are prone to blight but digging and harvesting them early before the blight hopefully arrives makes it possible to have them as a salad potato. We do love them.  We had the Wadebridge chicken for dinner with lots of veggies, Louise did all the veggies, which was all very good.  We are expecting the Nematode slug control to arrive soon, the sonic mole deterrent seems to be working so far and the mole bulbs from Denmark are planted out so we shall see what happens.

Tuesday 3rd April 2007

I have been feeling guilty recently about my much loved Aga increasing my ‘carbon footprint’, I heard it said on a radio programme recently that an Aga uses 47 times more energy than a conventional cooker.  I would hate to be parted from my Aga and it is so much a part of this cottage.  However another listener phoned in and said that she never uses a tumble drier, rarely uses an iron as the4 Aga dries and presses things stacked on the warming top.  I felt better as this is true for me too plus we do not have central heating as the Aga heats the cottage and the average cooker needs replacing every 10-12 years and as my Aga is 50 years old, recently reconditioned, regularly serviced it is hopefully going to serve us well for many more years.  I’m still not entirely sure that it fits in with ‘saving the planet’ way of life.  But for the moment it will have to do and maybe we will have to reconsider in the future, who knows.

Wednesday 4th April 2007

The weather is wonderful, hot and sunny so lots of gardening, John Earl the fisherman next door filleted a big Hake today caught off the Lizard, we are trying not to buy Cod although we do miss it, but the Hake was very good and fed all of us with some healthy home made oven chips cooked in Olive Oil.  Seed sowing continued, herbs, vegetables and salad things and seeds to grow plants for the hardy annual beds.

Thursday 5th April 2007

I thought it might be more difficult buying in food for the Easter Holiday with family coming for most meals including breakfast, but it hasn’t been, the village shops have provided everything and more.  Lovely fresh vegetables and free range eggs from hens which are (according to the box) fed on organic feed and kept on organic land.  I brought 6 bars of Fair Trade Chocolate to make 6 Easter Eggs. I am so pleased this has worked out well.

Friday 6th April 2007 Good Friday

Last Day Diary

I was in the village by 9.30 and bought Lemon Sole for dinner and the young manager, Craig, who is a qualified Chef showed me how to fillet flat fish (This I’m sure wouldn’t happen in Tescos).  I left some hot cross bun dough to rise and made them when I returned from my shopping trip.  Unfortunately the Mackerel wasn’t in so I went back after lunch to buy six fat Cornish Mackerel for a Barbeque at eh weekend as the weather is so good.  The owner of the fish shop, Chris is a fisherman and had just delivered lots of fish including the mackerel straight off the boat, just how lucky are we?
This afternoon Jessica and I planted out parsnips, beetroot the raised beds and some more cranberry plants alongside the blueberries as they need similar soil conditions, we are trying to create a woodland bed because the blueberries thrive in woodland conditions on an acidic soil.

So how have we got on over the past six weeks and are we going to continue the answer is, we have got on extremely well and yes we are definitely going to continue.  We have enjoyed this project very much, we have learned a great deal, we have been totally amazed by our lack of rubbish for collection and although we were very committed to all kinds of ‘green issues’ before we started we now realize that we certainly are  able to do so much more.  We think also about all kinds of things to do with the environment, water usage, re-using water wherever possible, in fact reusing anything we can and we hope that we throw away only things that it is impossible to use elsewhere, but since we have not used the supermarket we have reduced drastically our ‘throw away’ items.

The Easter Eggs were duly made today, the children helped, no packaging, just placed in little baskets and decorated, I think the Easter Bunny will be greatly impresses when he calls by on Sunday!   

last updated: 11/04/07
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