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24 September 2014

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James Morrison

You are in: Cornwall > Entertainment > James Morrison > Cornwall's Soul Star

James Morrison

Cornwall's Soul Star

Find out more about the boy who grew up in Cornwall to become a top singer songwriter - James Morrison...

James Morrison grew up here in Cornwall. He attended Newquay Treviglas School where he was popular with his fellow pupils and teachers.

"He was a lovely boy, very very pleasant, charming and all-round good person," remembers Headteacher Helen Matheson.

"It's a real pleasure to see him do well."

When he wasn't doing his school work the young James spent his free time listening to music, lots of it.

"Anything from Van Morrison to, you know all the old soul stuff, Al Green, Otis Reading, Stevie Wonder, and even earlier like Chuck Berry and Fats Domino," says James.

James Morrison at Eden

"My Mum and Dad had good taste in music so I was brought up on a lot of old stuff rather than the new stuff that was pumped out on the radio like all my friends were, which is fine if you're going out having a drink and just want to bob your head, but for me I used to listen to the voices like Van Morrison and Otis Redding, emotional voices."

The endless hours of listening to his music idols has certainly paid off. James Morrison has the soul voice for today's audience. It's already attracted a huge following.

"Every time I sang I felt like I was releasing something, but I didn't know how to control it, so it's taken a good couple of years, just sitting in my room learning songs and listening to the voices, how they tackle the notes and they way they sing, what they do with their throat and you know, techniques basically, just picking up different techniques," explains James.

"Once I could do that it was all about getting out and playing live in front of people and getting confident and comfortable doing that, cause when I first started playing I wasn't confident at all. I didn't like playing in front of anyone, it was embarrassing, and I had to get over that, so I used to go busking and stuff like that."

And busking he did, on several occasions on Lemon Quay. In March 2007 James will return to the same area, but this time it's not to play to passing shoppers, but to a full house at the Hall for Cornwall.

James' debut album 'Undiscovered' reached platinum status and continues be a best seller. It was the fastest selling debut album in August for the last six years.

last updated: 01/10/07

You are in: Cornwall > Entertainment > James Morrison > Cornwall's Soul Star

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