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24 September 2014

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Meet Debbie McCrory

Debbie can be heard throughout the day on BBC Radio Cornwall. She takes part in the various phone ins and competitions. At the weekends you can enjoy your favourite requests with Debs on Sunday Choice.

"Musical Mad! That’s me. I just love them - ever since I watched the Wizard of Oz as a child - I wanted to be Judy Garland, sadly I am not blessed with the greatest singing voice - or for that matter a dancer’s body, but I can do both those things with great gusto when required," laughs Debbie.

Debbie McCrory

Debbie McCrory's no stranger to the bright lights and performance – she's auditioned in front of Dame Judi Dench and has played a trumpet, if somewhat out of tune, to Cameron Mackintosh.

"I have always loved being on stage and played all the leads in the school shows and since then I have played some fantastic roles here in Cornwall - from Joan of Arc  to Eliza Doolittle and made some great friends in the process."

At BBC Radio Cornwall, Debbie puts her other 'natural' talent – talking – to good use.

"Once I am in work I don't stop (ask my colleagues)," smiles Debs.

"I love my job and I get to work with lots of different presenters which makes each day a new challenge.  Often the challenge is an outside broadcast, which means finding members of the public to chat on the radio - not as easy as you think."

This spirit comes in to its own in the name of entertaining radio. Debbie’s jumped over fence in the main ring of the Royal Cornwall Show, had her legs waxed on air, gone ice skating with microphone in hand. She's even been dressed as a scarecrow and made to stand on Trafalgar Roundabout – her forfeit for losing an on-air challenge. C'est la vie!

When she’s not in work, Debs loves to potter in her little garden. "I adore my agapanthus - which I have lovingly grown over the past 5 years - and its now huge, I have to protect it from my cat, Casper, who loves to sit under its leaves and pounce at me when I hang out the washing."

She’s also an art lover and knows just what she likes. “I would love to own an original John Dyer painting  - I have some limited edition prints -  his paintings make me smile – it's Cornwall on a canvas!"

Debbie’s also giving Cornwall’s craftsmen and women a run for their money with her new found hobby – knitting. She claims she’s doing it to help her lose weight.

"I think if my hands are occupied - they can't reach for a glass of wine or nibbles in the evenings!"

What’s left for her to achieve? “My greatest challenge is to get a show dedicated to musical theatre here on BBC Radio Cornwall  - and the greatest challenge of my colleagues is not to let me. Who will win, we will have to wait and see."

Click on the link below to email Debs:

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You are in: Cornwall > Local Radio > BBC Radio Cornwall > Meet Debbie McCrory

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