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28 October 2014

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Alex Parks

Cornwall's very own Alex Parks

Alex returns in the Autumn

Alex Parks returns to BBC Radio Cornwall (12/9/05) to promote her new album and single. Hear her interview with David White and see the latest Alex photo gallery.

It's been a long time coming but we can now confirm Alex Parks is releasing a new album and single in October.

Alex with Radio Cornwall's David White

Polydor has announced on Alex's official website that after months of recording Alex is now ready to release her new material.

The promotion of the new material started right here in Cornwall with an interview on David White's show on BBC Radio Cornwall. Use the links below to see our photo gallery and to hear Alex talk about the last 18 months, her new material, favourite songs and much more...

Alex Parks Photo Gallery >
audio Listen to Alex speaking to David White >
Audio and Video links on this page require Realplayer

Looking for water

Alex Parks gets ready for her interview

First up will the singer's third single. The release of a new single from Alex has been delayed a few times this year. We expected a release last autumn, then Christmas, then in the Spring, and finally in July.

The date has been confirmed as Monday 17 October, but the name of the first single to be taken from the new album has changed in name.

Back in July we reported the single was going to be called 'Get Out'. We can now confirm Alex's first single for several months will be called 'Looking for Water'.

Alex Parks smiling during her interview

One week after that single is released, fans will have the opportunity to get their hands on Alex's second album which will be called 'Honesty'. It's due to be released on Monday 24 October.

Alex has spent time writing more than forty songs since the release of her debut album 'Introduction'.

We've searched long and hard through various online sources to get a sneak preview of the track listing for the new album, but at the moment everyone is keeping tight-lipped about the contents. As soon as we have a confirmed list of songs, we'll let you know. 

Alex has worked with top stars like Judie Tzuke, and members of the band James (remember Sit Down?) writing her new material.

"I know its taken some time but I am planning to work until the album is exactly how I want it to be," said the Cornish star back in April.

last updated: 05/10/05
Have Your Say
Will you be rushing out to buy Alex's new single and album in October? Has she left it too long to release new material, or is this an advantage?
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alex your gorgeous your album means so much to me and i hope to see you at the scala i will try my best to get in! x x x

fraser izzard-crew
she is brill i think it was the right time because everybody missed her

ive got alex parks new album its great

no the album is worth waiting for

i already got her new album and cant stop listenin to it. i fink its amazing and im so glad shes got a new album. its good to hear of her again

Ruth West
I will buy the album, but I think Honesty would have been a better choice for the first release from this album. Have listened to various tracks from this latest release and I think Alex will have a long career ahead if she's come this far at such a young age. Well done!

The new single sends a shiver down my spine every time I listen to it, its just a shame I haven,t heard it on any of the national radio stations yet. Well done Alex, you are fab!

katie veale
no i think now is a good time to release the album and i think it is a really good one i think that she is great

Madge Palmer
Yes she certainly left it too long to commit to another single and CD, I have only heard her new single once an d wait for the re-lease. It's a shame new material didn't come out at the beginning of the year like they first predicted, so we shall just have to see. It's strange they didn't do a follow up for Fame Academy to see what happened to all of them, at least it would have kept the groups' names in focus. If the CD is good then it will sell - looking for water was a bit 'thin' for a single after such a long time, she is obviously still in her 'moody' zone.


i think she's always had a unique talent, and i think true fans will still stick by her even now. i cant wait to buy the album!

krystal jones
lovin all of alexs new material althogh some people will agree shes left it too long to realease another album her loyal fans whov supported alex from day one will be over joyed...i know i am ... go alex xx

fabulous to hear alex is back and writing great new material .please can we hear more on the radio?

i will be buying it the day it comes out, i love her she is cool

Great news,welcolm back

I think that she has left it a bit too long but i will still buy her new song as i like her music.x

PhiL Hosking
Like i asked already though does she see herself as Cornish or English?

I believe good things take their time...and she was pushed to release her first album way too soon, so I think it's been that she has taken her time to rest, think, write and enjoy life a little bit!! I am one of those millions who have been waiting for Alex's new material, but from the few bits I have heard out of the new album...I must say I think the wait has been REALLY worth it, and Alex has come back stronger than ever.

Emma Witting
oh yes,i love alex parks, but think shes spent long enough on the album,cant wait til it comes out tho!

Mandy Hamilton-Winger
Great single, can't wait till the album comes out. The video is fantastic too. Long awaited 2nd album, Go for it girl, now we will all know what your music is instead of mostly covers. I will admit that i enjoyed the songs that she wrote the most, but to have 12 is just a treat.

Claire Abbott
Absence makes the heart grow fonder! Can't wait for the new material!

I live in Canada and have no way of purching items over the internet at the moment, but if I get the chance then I'll definately be buying both the single and album. Alex is completely 'brilliant' ;)

about time she was back!! she's been missed but its never too late for a comeback. will definately be buying both. x

oh yea the first album was brilliant and im sure the second one will be brilliant 2 i will buy the album the day it comes out

Bee Henderson
No, I will buy her album. I am sorry that she has not keep her profile updated for the people of Cornwall that backed our Cornish maid. Good Luck with the album Alex. Bee

Just heard Sweeter and Sweeter. It deserves to be Xmas Number 1! Well worth the 2 year wait.

emma smith
i cant wait for alex's new album i've just started hearin the song and i love it!!! cant wait for a tour aswell good luck alex!!!!

million plus , selling album......

Alice scott
alex i love you its great you r back i have missed your voice so much good luck i will by all of the albums and singles if it makes you number 1 hunni xxx

Hayward Payne
The single is far better than her previous recordings and I'm sure the album will be too.I will be buying both thats for certain.

Lucie Pearce
Oh yes, I'll definatly be rushing out to buy the album. Can't wait to hear her new material. WELCOME BACK ALEX!!!! XXX

Mike Adams
Buying for sure

sandra strivens
yes i will run out and buy this single,and the new album,i agree she needed time to write this new album concidering its all her own work,good on you alex glad to see you back and even better.

yell yeah ill be the first one in the que carn't spell

Sue Dowling
Glad that Alex has stayed true to herself and waited until she feels ready, rather than dashed out a commercial album. Stay true to yourself Alex.

Emily Brennand
I will most definately without a doubt be buying all of alex's new material. The wait has just made me want it even more. She is a star and deserves success. Emily in Northumberland

Esther Dudek
I'll be buying both the single and album as soon as I can. It's been a long wait but it's definately been worth it. I can't wait to hear more of the album tracks, Honesty and Sweeter and Sweeter are both amazing.

no - by taking her time she will have been able to produce an album she wants I am personally very excited to hear her new material. I hope she has been allowed to be brave...

Just congrats to Alex for keeping true to herself and not getting sucked into the media game.

Wayne Hocking
Make Kernow proud

looking forward to the new single, Alex has a great voice. Time will tell with the timing.

Heard the new single "Looking for Water" Love It! Can't wait for the album. Will be buying both single and album when released. Worth the wait.

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