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24 September 2014

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Blas Kernewek - lesson 7
Rod Lyon and Deborah Bennetts
Rod Lyon and Deborah Bennetts enjoy Cornish

Welcome to lesson 7 of 12 in our Cornish Language series.

Rod Lyon, Deborah Bennetts and Chris Blount are your hosts.

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Script for Lesson seven
Lesson 7 - Yn Boesti / In a restaurant

Rod: Pandr’a vynn’ta dybri?
Chris: What do you want to eat?

Deb: Nyns eus meur a nown dhymm
Chris: I’m not very hungry

Rod: Res yw dhis dybri neppyth!
Chris: You must eat something.

Deb: Da lowr. Tamm tesenn mar plek.
Chris: Okay. A piece of cake please.

Rod: Ha dhe eva?
Chris: And to drink?

Deb: Gwedrenn a sugen froeth
Chris: A glass of fruit juice.

Deb: Pandr’a vynn’ta jy dybri?
Chris: What do you want to eat?

Rod: Pasti. Yma nown bleyth dhymm!
Chris: Pasty. I’m starving (literally, "I’ve got the hunger of a wolf")

Deb: Bydh war a’th poester!
Chris: Watch your weight!

Rod: My a woer, mes my a gar pastiow.
Chris: I know, but I like pasties.

Gerva / Vocabulary

Pandr’a vynn’ta? - What do you want?
Dybri - To eat
Eva - To drink
Gwedrenn - A glass
Hanav - A cup
Kruskynn - A mug
Sugen - Juice
Sugen froeth - Fruit juice
Sugen aval - Apple juice
Sugen owraval - Orange juice
Nown - Hunger
Yma nown dhymm - I’m hungry
Bydh war! - Take care! Watch!
Poester - Weight
My a woer - I know
My a gar - I like

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