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24 September 2014

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Cornwall Connected message board
St Michaels Mount
Photo credit : Jenny Jacka

Share your memories of Cornwall, your family history query or your "secret" pasty recipe with the online Cornwall Connected community.
To leave your message fill in the box at the bottom of the page.

Geoff Ford from Sydney
Although now travelling up through my 80's, I have been revisiting Cornwall about every 4 or 5 yrs and it always makes my emotions stir when I cross over the border! I have visited or lived in all continents (except Antarctica) and love all the unique features which each bring --- but it is the county of my birth that stirs everything. Yet for all that, my heart really turns over as I fly in over Sydney --- coming back to my home since 1958. Cornish places that epitomise Cornwall --- St Michaels Mount, Coombe on the River Fal, tin mines anywhere, Coverack, Mevagissey, St Ives, Boscastle.

Michael Kirby, Stroud, Gloucestershire
Not been to Cornwall for years, must get there, its only down the road a, a couple of hours away from Gloucestershire. What prompted me to visit this site? I just bought five Brenda Wootton albums,from a local charity shop, all in excellent condition, one appears to be autographed.

paul nicholls
may go back someday madron is beautiful have a great pasty recipe i'd like to share with y'all

paul nicholls
may go back someday madron is beautiful

paul nicholls
may go back someday madron is beautiful

Peter Collins Alice Springs NT Australia
Nostalgia is what Cornwall gives to me enjoyed the comments from all over the world.Born St Columb Minor 1960 would love to hear from any others from this area in australia.

I have been comming to penzance regurly all 20 years of my life. x

Cherry Wallace Waihi New Zealand
My mother lived in Cornwall when she was about 2 and her family immigrated to New Zealand when she was 6. Her maiden name was Joan Bosworth. Parents names Harry and Elsa. They lived in Perranuthnoe in a cottage named La Blanca. She would love to go for a visit as she has never been back again so I am trying to help her. Maybe there is someone in this village who has guests to stay. She is 83 but very fit. It looks beautiful. Thank you.

Ann Smith, St Blazey, Cornwall
I was born in the war in St Dennis, the home of my mother and her family. We later moved to Cheshire, the home of my father, but always spent all my summer holidays with my maternal grandparents in St Dennis, and later my auntie and uncle in Newlyn East and Newquay.My husband and I holidayed down here for several years, and on one particular holiday, on the cliffs above Boscastle, he suggested we started to plan for a move to Cornwall. We have lived here for nearly 2 years and we love it. I have to pinch myself at times to know it's real! Cornwall is the most beautiful place on earth. Imagine the excitement when I bought the St Dennis and Goss Moor book to find several pictures of my mum, uncle, grandmother, godmother and many family friends. What a way to come back to your roots!

John Garfield Hender
My father, whose identical name I bear, was born in the small fishing village of Polruan in the Fowey Harbour. Every summer holidays, when I was growing up, was spent with family relations in either Polruan or Fowey. My uncle Arnold was once mayor of Fowey and my uncle Louis ran a bakery on the water front in Fowey. I well remember the many fishing trips we took out in the English Channel, and the locally fishing off the rocks of Polruan. Cornwall and especially the Fowey Harbour still hold a special place in my heart. My wife and family, though now living in Alberta Canada, still find time to visit Fowey and Polruan every time we return to England for family visits.

Dennis L. Tredinnick from New Jersey, U.S.A.
I have never been to Cornwall, but plan to visit next year. I have family still living in the beautiful village along the sea in St. Agnes.I listen to Alex Full's show every Sunday. If there is anyone out there who is a Tredinnick or knows about the family please drop me an email here in America. I am very proud to be Cornish and to know my family came from such a beautiful part of Cornwall, U.K.

Berenice, Cambridge
We used to stay in Polzeath every summer for years, in the 70's and stayed in the flats above the shops which were owned by the Philps family who also owned many of the shops below. I've been back recently to show my husband and was sad to see how much it has changed. Does anyone else have any memories of the flats or of Polzeath as it used to be. Can I also add how moving the Seaside Parish was? It was very humbling to see what happens after the media circus has left and how such a disaster affects the community. We are hoping to come back to Boscastle this year for a few weeks.

Susie Rogers, Maine,USA
I have travelled to your beloved Cornwall and I absolutely loved the area. The beaches, the countryside, the people-all make me want to come back for another visit.I live in the beautiful state of Maine where our beaches are breathtaking, but there is something about the charm of your country that makes me want more. Until then... Susie Rogers, Readfield, ME USA

Gabriela from Argentina.
I have never been to Cornwall, but I really hope to go there sometime. I listen to Cornwall connected every time I can because it is useful to practice my English and makes me know more about this wonderful place.

Jerry Pullen, Nanoose Bay, British Columbia, Canad
Wishing all Cornishmen and Women wherever they are a very Happy 2005. Thank you Radio Cornwall for the opportunity to keep up with all the news "Back Home"!!

Lee Edward Cornish,Elmira,New York,USA
My great grandfather,Jack Walter Cornish and his family emigrated to the United States in the 1880's.They were Welsh miners,and settled in the state of Pennsyvania and mined coal there.My father,Jack Walter Cornish,often told the family that his father spoke the Cornish language.I would like to learn the Cornish language and would like to correspond with anyone that could help me.

m. gates Lakeville, Indiana 46536
I am looking for a picture by M. Scavel, titled "Support our wildlife, 'Catch and Release'. If you know where I could purchase this picture I would appreciate it Thank you.

Averil Williams, Penzance and Newlyn
I have a great interest in Richard Nicholls who sailed to Australia with six others in 1854 on the 36ft fishing boat The Mystery. Are there any descendants in Oz with a similar interest? A plaque has been unveiled in Newlyn this week to their memory.

Renae, Queensland, Australia
I spent many happy years in Cornwall, namely Helston, Port Isaac, Tregony and St. Agnes. My family emigrated to Aust. in 1964 and I have often wondered what has happened to the girls that used to go to Culdrose Air Station for dances. One particular girl I remember very well was Jane, who was at the time smitten with a Sailor called Dave. We lived in Beacon Parc, Helston. I would love to hear from any one who remembers me, my name then was Pat O'Neill, I lived with mum, dad, three sisters, Janet, Jackey and Jane.

Frances Hilary Truscott Kleckner, Pennsylvania
I was born in Lostwithiel to Richard and Muriel Truscott in 1952. In 1955 the whole family immigrated to US. Cornwall will always be my home and I will return to someday heart and soul.God bless the Cornish.

Caroline Skerry, Bodmin Moor
I am writing ,with 3 other teachers a unit called 'Cousin Jack' to teach primary children about the Cornish Diaspora. I am looking for intersting, inspiratinoal, unsusual, heartwarming stories about those who have left Cornwall to seek their fortunes elsewhere(or maybe they hadno chioe. If you have such a story recent or from the past i would love to hear it. *** FROM ALEX FULL *** Hi Caroline, thanks for your mesasge. We'd be interested in talking to you. Please send me an email and we'll get in contact! Thanks.

sarah, Oxford
I have spent many holidays in Cornwall and always loved it, but after spending 10 months doing voluntary work with National Trust in Cornwall I know it's the only place i want to be. Roll on summer 2006 when i move back, hopefully for good! There's nowhere else quite like it.

Thelma Thomas nee Matthews.. Canada
Averil. (Williams)nee Simons. You made my day! This is truly Cornwall connected. Thank you for responding. Thelma.

Henning Staack, Epenwöhrden/Germany
My name is Henning. I live in Dithmarschen, the twinning borough to Restormel/Cornwall. I´m very interested in all things Cornish (incl. Clotted Cream!. Greetings to my friends Paul, Jack, Tasha and Ebby from Newquay!!

Stewart, Caversham, Berkshire
What a wonderful picture if the Mount. I have been holidaying in Cornwall man and boy for 47 years (I am 49!). You can keep all your foreign holidays. Cornwall is beautiful, with just incredible places views. The Cornish people I have always found so hospitable and friendly. My dream is to retire there, but would that break my ideal dream of the place? I don't know, but it is a wonderfully dream!!

Barbara, Birmingham, United Kingdom
I love Cornwall so much, I have been visiting the country (I feel that it's seperate from England)for nearly 30 years now, And never tire of it. It is my dream that one day i would be able to live there, But i am still waiting.

Averil Williams - nee Simons, Cornwall
How nice it was to see the message from Thelma Thomas - nee Matthews who left Penzance forCanada in 1947. I remember her well. She was a good friend of my sister Pearl - now deceased. Good luck Thelma.

John Bray Whitby
Our ancestors are from Delabole, they left Cornwall in 1850 and came to canda to farm. I'm very interested in all things Cornish.

Scott New York City
My family (Hammills and Trevennas)left Redruth/Camborne for the U.S. and Canada to work in the mines. The pasties my grandmother used to make were amazing...a real childhood memory. Sad, but even in New York, where you can find every type of food possible I have yet to find a good pasty....

Jewel Cambridgeshire
We've been coming to Cornwall for our to escape the rat race since 1967. It always feels like we're 'coming home!' We were hoping to move here this year but cicumstances have put it on hold at the moment. Will definitely make it soon though...........

Peter Williams - "Map Carrek Dhu" - Ponsanooth, Co
I have listened to your programme for the first time for some months. Why, why, why do you play such awful music. There are so many recordings of Cornish Bands, Choirs, Folk Groups, Rock Groups etc. Surely a programme based on Cornwall and its Culture ought to play local music and not 20/30 year old English pop.

Chris Gill (Connor Downs)
Heard you interviewed on our local radio station in Nova Scotia. We live only 30 miles from Truro (the other Truro!) and somewhat further from Falmouth (the other Falmouth). A couple of years ago we much enjoyed hearing the Cornish Youth band who came to play at the Nova Scotia tattoo. They also came to give a concert in Truro (the other Truro)

Thelma Thomas ( Matthews)
Came to Canada from Penzance 1947 Now living in Victoria BC Canada. Daily I visit "Home" via the computer. I embrace this technology. Sadly there are times it makes me homesick.

Kevin Parkinson, Victoria B.C. Canada
I left Delabole in 1961 and emmigrated to Canada in 1973. I spent all my English holidays in Cornwall until I emmigrated. I still have lots of relatives there. Cornwall never leaves my heart; I will be back next year. What has happened to the beautiful Cornish accent? Only my older relatives speak it (their children don't seem to) I know the language is undergoing a revival, but the accent will soon be lost, I chide the young if they are ashamed of their heritage, can you imagine the Irish or Welsh giving up their distinctive brogues?

Mike from Manitoba, Canada
Emigrated from Bodmin in 1978, the beaches of Cornwall were always special especially Polzeath to my family but you cannot mention Cornwall and not think of Bodmin Moor, always enjoyed walking amongst the tors. Cornwall never leaves your heart no matter where you end up in the world

Iain in Leicester
Ah yes, Sunday isn't Sunday without Cornwall Connected... Originally living in Fowey and working for the late David Penhaligon, I came 'up country' in 1986 - only to come home again in the early 90's settling in Gulval as area Manager for Kneels the Cleaners working in all branches from Liskeard to Penzance (oh those mad girls at Truro River St branch !). Sadly up country called again and I am now in Leicester as the city's CCTV Manager (many a day is the clock tower camera focused on the flag seller who has a flag of St Piran waving in the breeze). I know I'll be home again one day, but until then I have my memories of the 6am Saturday starts making pasties for John & Ros Eaton at Le Nautique in Fowey, Sunday morning chats with Brenda Wootton and afternoon cream teas at the 'Handy Shop' in Stithians, bluebells in Godolphin woods, the china clay ships up the Fowey estuary and those crazy Saturday nights at 'The Club' in Bread St, Penzance...

Emma, Barbados (Launceston)
Been over in Barbados for a year and a half, yes we have the beaches, the sun and the cocktails but would give it up any day to be back home in Kernow, the most beautiful place on earth.

Ron Bartle from Berlin Germany (Born "up St. Day."
Hi All how'm be e!? ;) I just discovered the Cornwall Connected show this weekend and think it is great. (What a clever and competent young man e is!) ron b.

Stu Hoy/Lichfield UK
Hi Jack, June 2004......... I lived in 38 Glebe Avenue/Saltash until 1968 then moved away as a young student. I 'think' the person you mentioned still lives in Saltash but has been married for a long time now. Graham S was her brother and the house by Longstone Park. Am still a regular visitor home to my beloved 'Kernow'. Stu Hoy Lichfield UK

Sheana, Roccy and Sue(nee Barker) Perth Australia
We emigrated in 1967 from Newquay. Saw the message from Daisy Martin with the brother Ronald Barker. Our father was Ronald and he had a younger sister called Daisy. Would love to hear from any relatives back in Cornwall.

eamon boyd melbourne australia
hi imiss home so much i have lived in ox for 30 years but my hearts is still in kernow.

Betty Shaw nee Ryan Melbourne Australia
Would love a wallpaper of St Michael's Mount, growing up in Newlyn ( penzance) we had a veiw of it from our house. The photo on the top of the page is a good one.

Stevie, St Ives
What a fantastic opportunity to "talk" to my sister. I'm in Conrwall and she's n Canada but for three hours we're together!!

Wade Hylarides Michigan
Seeking a painting by M. Scavel of an old man titled "Happy" with a caption "In two years I'll be out of here" belive it to be a 1977 painting

David Teague in Brisbane, Australia
Great grandfather John Teague migrated in 1877 to Townsville, Queensland. As a miner he looked for work in the booming gold and copper mining industry. Would like to hear from any Truro Teagues. His parents were Richard Teague and Rebecca Burley (formerly) Beer. This was a second marriage for both. I am looking for anything about their first marriages.

Rebecca Bulcraig[ formerly Heane]
Just found this website and it has made me feel very homesick.Just moved from Perth to Margaret River and have met a couple of fellow Cornishmen/women!! Hopefully be back this year to catch up with family & friends and get another fix of beautiful scenery and have a decent pasty and some clotted cream !!

Jack Van Tol
My name is Jack Van Tol and I live in the United States in Texas. I have been looking for a woman that I should have married back in 1962. Her name is/was Carol Stapleton and she lived at 65 Glebe Street in Saltash. I've found out that the house at that address was demolished in 1974. Local long time residents say the don;t know of her whereabouts so I'm hoping that maybe she or someone she knows will see

Michael Gale Age 81. Porthleven Cornwall
I just felt that some of my friend around the world who may look at this web sit may like to know that I landed in a Tank on D Day. We were not the first troops to land, we waited for the tide to be full in so that we did not have so far to go up the beach, Unfortunately, I was the first Tank to get off the ship and we fell right into a shell hole, so we had to wait for the tide to go out again. We were almost fully under water, but because of the air intake on the back we were OK. We were able to watch as the tide went out untill we were then able to rejoin our unit. We had been in the Landing Ship for two days. To Tristan from Seattle USA. Yes we did have just one day of snow here at the bottom of Cornwall in January. Mike(Windy) Gale.

Michelle Powlesland from Penryn
I moved away from cornwall in 1983, lived in Germany for 10 years then I came back home, moved to Spain for 8 months now I am back in Germany working in an private International School, I miss cornwall very much but I like living in germany. But I am hoping to visit cornwall maybe next year.

Sarah /Darwin Australia (Helston)
Just found Cornwall connected while sufing the BBC news site. A great way to keep in touch with 'woz on' in the county. Always miss Cornwall but not the temperature and NO definitley no carrots in pasties please!!!!!!

Dennis Marsh-Adelaide-South Australia
Fond memories of Cornwall. Left for Australia in 1964. Last place of Address was Beaconsfield Place St. Agnes. Intend to return for visit very soon. Does anyone out there remember us ?

daisy martin
i was born in cornwall have lived on the same farm (namely) HIGH BARN FARM my brother lived in perth australia, he is dead now but his family lives there still. if any of them is listening say hello, his name Ronald Barker he always loved cornwall it is the best county in the world if ever i visit australia i will not be able to get back soon enough p.s no carrots in a cornish pasty & always use the correct pasty steak bye for now

Pauly in Quebec
So where are they? These pasty recipes?!

Richard, Callington (formerly from Lanner)
I am currently running a company in Antigua, delivering training to the maritime sector. Looking at this site reminds me that Cornwall really is 'God's Country'. I shall be home again for a visit soon - proper job.

Bernard, St Germans, Cornwall
PS Don't forget St George, always supporting Cornwall.

Bernard, St Germans, Cornwall
Living here by choice, loving it. But not supporting isolationism some are suggesting in this section. Nostalgia is one thing but cutting Cornwall off from reality, England, is living in cloud cuckoo land, and that's not Cornwall is it ?

Thanks for the beautiful photos of scenes from home in Cornwall , they travel well across the Atlantic ! See you all in the summer , cannot wait !

Dawn from Essex
St Michaels Mount is the most magical place in the whole world! It has a power over me thats hard to explain, I have every post card made of the mount, and my home is covered with photographs and paintings of "my favourite place" I just wish I could see it more often, but I many many wonderful memories of it that will always be with me.

Marj and Dennis
At last! We have been listening to Cornwall Connected and have just discovred what a wonderful treasure trove of Cornish goodies you have here. We shall be back!

Mike Bray Camborne
I really like 'Cornwall Connected' great idea. Having visited Oz twice, I am really proud of the way Ozzies have preserved and presented the Cornish contribution to that great country. No wonder I feel at home there when not in Cornwall.Good on ya

Jillian Bennett [Barber]
Just found out about this site from my cousin Emma Barber. We are from Ruan Minor and after years of living in Canada, still feel home-sick for that 'special' place. I'm coming home in May and will have my 65th. birthday in Helston with my brother. Look forward to seeing the rest of the Barbers while I'm there.

Ashley Stevens
St Piran's Day is THE day for all Cornishmen and women all over the globe. Kernow Bys Vyken!

Stevie in Ottawa
Yes, St Pirans Day here too!!

Dennis and Marjorie B in South Australia
Just found your site looking for information about St Piran. Pleased to know he's being remembered. We too "down under" are marking March 5.

Teresa in Penzance
So then all you dedicated Cornish where are your comments for St Pirans Day???? Let's remember the saint of the the land we love.

Fistral? You must be joking mate. Perran's the place - wicked tops and runs.

Steve in Leeds
I listened to Cornwall Connected at the weekend - it was great and keeps me in touch with whats' going on. For me the place that makes Cornwall special is the beach at Fistral. Wicked surf. Come on - vote for Fistral - I wanna see you on here.

Paul from Hampshire
Mary says that its St Michaels Mount which sums up Cornwall for her...for me its the Tamar Bridge...that's what makes it special to come to Cornwall...and keeps the rest of the UK at a distance!

Simon, Birmingham
Mary says St Michael's Mount. I say Launceston (Lanson please) Castle.

Steve, New Forest, Hampshire
It might be St Michael's Mount for Mary which sums up what Cornwall is all about but for me it has to be the Tamar Bridge...that's the bridge that makes Cornwall separate from the rest of the world!

tommy veale ontario canada
I recieved your link from a friend in Australia, and would you believe it there she was, my long ago friend, Moreen Burns (nee Penrose), what a delight to see that the years have been kind to her and her ever present smile still shines .

Michael (from Penzance but living and working in L
I just wanted to agree with Mary from Porthleven. To me, St Michael's Mount IS Cornwall - magnificent and mysterious at the same time. The Mount really is the jewel in Cornwall's crown and sometimes I wonder why we do not make more of it! Every time I come home from London (more and more nowadays as the quality of life at home is so much better than that in London) my favourite part of the journey is where the A30 dips around and St Mihael's Mount comes into view - it takes my breath away every time and I know I'm home. Ever since my childhood the Nount has been my "place to go" - be it for a good day out on the Mount itself or just to sit on Marazion beach and simply appreciate "the presence" of the Mount - it's a very powerful presence too! Before anyone thinks I'm some kind of New Age crank - I'm a Business Analyst working at the world HQ of one of the world's biggest banks - it's just that we all need somewhere we can go to get away from it all and I've found my place!!!

Georgi PHILP Sills, Abbotsford, B.C. Canada
I really enjoy listening to Cornwall Connected and learning more about the area. My Father, John PHILP, was from Boscastle and it is all very fascinating for me. I would like to say HI to my Cousin Thelma and her husband, Les Blewett in Bude and to my possible cousin, Sheila and her husband Des in Penryn. If anyone out there is searching TINNEY and has a John Henry Tinney who married Ann Barber, would you please contact me. I would love to hear from you. Have a great day. Georgi Sills

Emma Barber in Quebec
BBC Radio Cornwall Connect is a great treat for those of us far away from home ( Cadgwith )...Thanks !

Peter Matson Cork city Ireland
Hello I am Peter from Cork in Ireland I dont really have any Cornish connecctions except I had a granaunt who spent the last years of her life in St Mawes I got a great interest in Cornwall since I was a teenager I am 47 now and my relative died in1984.I used to listen to Cornwall on the vhf since the 70s when I could hear it I heard the very first programme on R Cornwall 20 1 83. I ve been listening regularly on 630 khz since 2001 Easter Day Reception is very good Reception this winter is better than usual because reception is usually restricted Yours sincerely Peter Matson

Mary from Porthleven
Browsing around the site I came across this stunning picture of the Mount which really sums up what Cornwall means to me. What are the other places that "sum up" our county? What do other people think?

Val, Hobart Tasmania
I love to feel close to the county by baking pasties every weekend. Is it true that you shouldn't have carrots in them?

Tristan, Seattle USA
It's great to be able to keep in touch with Cornwall through Cornwall Connected. I'd love to return home one day. Has it snowed this winter?

What's your name and where are you from?

What comment would you like to make?

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