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28 October 2014
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Old Cornwall remembered
The Farm and Folk Museum
The Farm and Folk Museum at Lanreath near Looe

What started as a personal collection in the 1960s has grown into a massive Farm and Folk Museum in Lanreath.

Take a look at life in Cornwall in the past.

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+ The Farm and Folk Museum started as a private collection of farm machinery.

+ It has grown to include thousands of items from a byegone era.

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In the village of Lanreath, 5 miles north west of Looe off the B3359 there is the opportunity to enjoy farming and village life from years ago.

The Farm and Folk Museum is run by John and Lila Facey. It started as a hobby for former farmer John back in the 1960s and rapidly grew into a popular Cornish Attraction.

Museum Kitchen
Enter the museum's kitchen

Stepping into the museum you immediately feel that you are turning back the hands of time. You walk straight into an old fashioned farming kitchen. You can almost imagine pasties being cooked on the genuine Cornish Range.

"The Cornish range stove has the name of 'Hawkes of St Austell' on it. It was behind an old cooker, that was going to be replaced," explains Lila. "

The covers behind the cooker were taken away to reveal this old Range. We had a phone call one day to say if we could come and pick it up straightaway then we could have it for the museum."

There are rarities that show family life from a by-gone era wherever you look at the museum.

Traditional farmhouse fireplace
The fireplace was moved and rebuilt brick by brick

"The old fireplace was in a derelict farm house up the road in Lanreath," says Lila. "When we thought about having a large display in the village our family took the fire place to pieces and brick by brick rebuilt it here in the museum."

A collection of old pots
Item No19 is an original pressure cooker

One of the first pressure cookers is housed here, along with countless amounts of pots and pans that bring memories flooding back for many people.

"The washing machine must be nearly 100-years-old now," says Lila. "An inventor had been watching the ladies of years ago using the dolly pegs and came up with the idea for this washing machine which would make the dolly pegs turn both ways."

Old fashioned washing machine
One of the first washing machines

It might have made life a bit easier at the time but you had to use a bar of soap and still had the problem of needing to use hot water.

The museum started as a collection of farm machinery owned by John Facey in the 1960s.

"We aim to say we collect anything and everything, so usually we have something that will suit most people," smiles John. "When I first started out I was collecting tractors and engines. I soon learned that was a mistake as it is purely a specialists market so I extended my collection to include all sorts of items."

Shed packed full of machinery
John's shed where the museum started

You really will find something for everyone, old radios, television sets, kitchen ware and of course plenty of tractors, and an old generator too!

These generator powered various parts of Cornwall in the past

"This generator that was first used in Polperro in 1931," explains John. "It wasused by a private company. It came to Polruan eventually and was used by the harbour commissioners. I was delighted when we were offered it for the museum."

Other information

Opening hours: Easter to end of Oct: daily.

Take a walk around the village of Lanreath

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