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24 September 2014
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High Noon in Silver City
The Sherif rides into town
Sheriff Jay Bee rides into town to chase out the outlaws!

If you have watched the Saturday Western on television and imagined living in a cowboy town you can now live out your dream.

The wild west is nearer than you thought!

American Theme Park
Visit Jay Bee's website and find out more about the attraction which also offers a coarse fishery and tarmac oval racing track.

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites.

+ The American Theme Park is set in more than 140 acres of land.

+ There are two cowboy towns to enjoy one houses museums, the second houses cowboys and outlaws!

+ The live action shows are 1pm every day during the low season. In the school holidays there are two shows daily. Please ring for more information, 01637 881160.

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Opens in May each year

If you have ever yearned to stroll down a street where cowboys still enjoy regular shoot outs, then Cornwall's very own American Theme Park is the place for you.

Once you have parked your car you enter another world dating back to the 1880s through to the 1950s. This world is 140 acres in size and packed with a true 'spirit of the west'.

Sheriff Jay Bee runs the attraction and when he is not talking about the many honours he has received from various States in America he can be found looking over life in Silver City.

Target practice
Try your hand at a variety of events at the American Theme Park

Walk through the gates at the entrance and you enter into the main street of Old Fort Smith where you can enjoy a walk around the various museums. These are stocked full of American memorabilia.

A family steps back in time for a photo
Have a family picture taken in western gear before showtime!

You can imagine life cruising in a pink cadellac with one of the many American car registrations on display.

There are pictures of famous cowboys of the past, keep your eye open for Jesse James there is a high reward for his capture!

All quiet in Silver City but for how long?
Take a trip to Silver City and anything could happen

Once you are ready for a western adventure of your own then it is time to head to Silver City, the original 1880s Frontier Town where troublesome outlaws could be lurking around any corner.

The horses are very well cared for at Circle R Ranch
The horses are being prepared for action

Working your way through the countryside you go passed the Circle R Ranch where the horses are being prepared for work. As you walk by and head nearer to Silver City you sense something is about to happen.

When you arrive at Silver City the street is quiet. Those who feel lucky are attempting 'gold panning' in the hope of becoming rich over night.

Dodgy characters hang around Silver City
Strangers in town - watch these two!

Two dodgy looking characters are hanging around the town watching my every move. You know trouble is in the air in Silver City.

At 1pm a crowd has gathered near the bank. The lunchtime sun beats down and Sheriff Jay Bee gallups into town. The two characters who had been hanging around start to cause trouble with the sheriff and his deputy.

Gun fire continues at Silver City
The outlaws take shelter from gun fire

In no time at all visitors to Silver City witness a showdown involving cowboys, horses and guns. Yes Gary Cooper is probably looking down and smiling, this is 'High Noon' with a touch of comedy thrown in.

Stick em up - good wins over evil in Silver City
Sheriff Jay Bee moves in to make an arrest

Soon the dodgy characters are arrested but there is another villain in the crowd who is dressed up as a holiday maker! When you pay a visit to Silver City expect to become a resident for a short while.

The action moves to the court-house where the judge (who is picked from the crowd) has to decide what will happen to the villains of the City. The judge and sheriff run a strict court house.

Even the BBC Cornwall website reporter got thrown into jail for 'flashing in court'. I was only taking a picture using my camera with a flash your honour!

Behind bars in Silver City
This outlaw has a long stretch behind bars awaiting him

The BBC Cornwall reporter eventually got out of Silver City jail, some were not so lucky...

Other information

Cornwall's American Theme Park is open:
May - End September From 10.30 am
Closed Saturdays
Adults £5.00
Children £4.00
Senior Citizens £4.00

For special party rates and general enquiries regarding opening and the times of the live action shows, please phone 01637 881160 or Fax: 01637 881104

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