20 Christmas tricks, cheats and tips

1. Put a hat on your Christmas cakes

Christmas cakes

2. Chill but don't dilute

grapes in wine

Use frozen grapes to chill your wine or champagne without watering it down. For jugs of beer or punch use ice in a plastic cup.

Jug with ice

3. Build a chocoholic sled

Chocoholic sled

4. Give them coal

Edible coal

According to folklore, poorly behaved children end up with coal in their Christmas stockings. This edible version could be a good present for anyone who's been 'naughty' this year.

5. Make used coffee cups into a wreath

Coffee cup wreath

6. Use unflavoured dental floss for slicing yule logs

Cutting a yule log

7. Get a cork tree

Cork xmas trees

8. Hide presents from curious kids in a locked suitcase


9. Make these quick, easy decorations

Fast, cheap but effective

10. Bake, make, give


Take a look through BBC Food's suggestions for homemade presents.

11. Use old cards to make boxes

Christmas box

Here's the instructions for how to do it. Alternatively search online for other methods.

12. Print your own

Gift tags

Print off your own gift tags like the ones above, search for some other designs online or cut up pieces of old Christmas cards and use them.

13. Convert your fridge

Snowman fridge

14. Wrap like a pro

Gift expert Arona Khan gives BBC's Tim Muffett a wrapping lesson

15. Go disposable

Cooked turkey

20 Christmas tricks, cheats and tips

Using disposable baking trays could help cut down your Christmas day washing up. Recycle them if you can.

16. Place them with candy canes

Candy cane place holders

Just tape together 3 candy canes for each placeholder.

17. Save time on Christmas morning

One-pan English breakfast

Make a one-pan English breakfast

18. Get sick of turkey sandwiches?

Turkey Chelsea buns

Try making your Christmas leftovers into turkey, cranberry and stuffing Chelsea buns.

19. Protect your baubles

Baubles in egg box

Store them in egg boxes

20. Wrap it all up ready for next year


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