What is SOMA Live Capture?

SOMA Live Capture is a browser based vision mixer. It lets you mix between any number of cameras, pre-recorded video, audio and graphics for live broadcast from a remote location, via the internet. This has been built to enable remote live editing using IP infrastructure and we are trialling it through BBC R&D networks.

How do I use it?

If you are interested in trialling SOMA Live Capture with us, send us an email

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What can we learn from Live Capture?

A big part of BBC R&D is the new broadcasting ecosystem, object based media and IP studio. We want to show the BBC & our partners the importance of this research both within BBC studios, at live events and third party venues. By doing this, we aim to help the industry see the future benefits of object based capture and workflow in video production (either live or near live).

We also want to gain further understanding of the technical limitations on production - particularly in an Ultra High Definition (UHD) production workflow. Working within production teams to learn, iterate and develop these tools. The low cost nature of an IP based system will mean more high quality coverage of niche events for our audiences.