BBC R&D Toolkit

EEVO - Taster VR

A 360 Interactive Video tool for users to create their own immersive experiences

What is EEVO?

EEVO is a 360 Interactive Video tool, which allows storytellers to create their own immersive experiences, through the use of hotspot, branching narrative, and 3D audio features. The story instantly becomes more compelling as users have to interact with it and can choose their own path through the experience.

How do I use it?

If you would like use EEVO, send us an email

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What can we learn from EEVO?

To build on our research surrounding the use of 360 video, including capturing subtitles within 360 and creating interactive narratives, BBC R&D are currently testing an application that gives teams the tools to create engaging audience experiences and the benefits of using hotspots as a storytelling method. Our app ‘BBC Taster VR’, launched in July 2017 with content from BBC Three and BBC Earth, is powered by stories created and brought to life by teams using EEVO, and allows us to trial the impact of these experiences with our public audiences. In addition to this, we’re also researching the appetite for creating interactive 360 content from production teams.

EEVO is a third party tool that the BBC is trialling for a 6 month period. R&D often trial market tools that can inform and develop production workflow and create audience facing pilots. Sign up to Connected Studio mailing list to hear about upcoming opportunities.