Designing BBC Thai


The BBC is working with the Thai creative industry to design a new digital service for Thailand. The World Service wants to create an interactive and compelling product that compliments the popular BBC Thai Facebook offer that has an audience of 1.1million:

By collaborating with the creative user-experience community in Thailand, we have been generating ideas for the concept and design of this new service to engage with younger audiences that like to be informed by, and share, news content through mobile platforms.

The selected idea will be built as part of a responsive BBC website; integrated with existing production tools and with the potential to be scaled and developed around the world.

Who has been taking part

We’re been working with experienced design companies (or individuals in a group operating as a company) who are based in Thailand, and that have an understanding and experience of audience-led design challenges and have the ability to deliver the proposed idea from a UX and design perspective. Prospective participants were asked to supply details and evidence on this as part of their application, including two examples of design work relevant to the brief.

How ideas have been submitted

We provided a number of useful supporting documents through the links below, including the full brief, information about the process for submitting ideas in the Invitation to Tender, and presentation slides featuring practical information to help paticipants explore ideas around the UX and design aspects of the challenge.

The Brief Invitation to Tender UX deliverables UX workflow Audience insights