Trust Project Challenge

BBC Connected Studio are supporting The Trust Project in delivering a challenge aimed at building simple, open-source plug-ins and tools that allow newsrooms to implement, and audiences to benefit from, one or more of the 'Trust Indicators' using tags, automation or other methods.

The Trust Project focuses on developing tools and technologies that differentiate high-quality news from the noise online. They envision a system of ‘Trust Indicators’ that will tell audiences and news distribution platforms that the editorial is ethically produced, accurate news.

The Trust Indicators:

  • Best practices (ethics policy, diversity policy, corrections, etc.)
  • Author bios
  • Citations and references
  • Labels for new, analysis, opinion, and paid content
  • Original reporting
  • Diverse voices
  • Actionable feedback for public and newsroom
  • Local
  • Geo-tag story location
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