Top Gear, BBC Two, 2 & 3 March 2014

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We received complaints from some viewers who felt we were being rude towards cyclists during an episode of Top Gear.

Top Gear's response

The Top Gear film on cycling was always going to be done in our usual tone and we feel that's justifiable. At no point did we say cyclists shouldn't be treated with respect. During Jeremy and James' fact finding cycle around London they made it clear they believed buses were the main danger point. Apart from the point about cyclists jumping red lights -a common perception of cyclists - Jeremy and James were not overly critical of cyclists. The public information films were specifically made to be absurd, and the joke was centred on the hopeless misinterpretation by Jeremy and James of the brief given to them by Westminster Council. The final film did state that both cyclists and drivers should respect each other on the road and although Top Gear brings its own distinct voice to the cycling/motoring issue, we are at least bringing more awareness to the debate. We feel that if the main message from such a car based programme is that motorists and cyclists should show respect, then that's ultimately good for all on the road.

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