Today at Wimbledon, BBC Two


We have received complaints from viewers unhappy that Today at Wimbledon was not shown as billed.



We acknowledge that the scheduling of the programme hasn’t been consistent and we apologise for any disappointment caused. 

Our plan was always to go to the scheduled highlights programme between 8pm and 9pm, however, recent changes to the match schedules due to the rain has meant that play has had to continue later than usual.  

In situations where an important live match has not finished, we may choose to continue with live coverage. If a match is completed by 8.30pm then we will endeavour to show a shortened edition of Today at Wimbledon.


Although we’d like to reschedule Today at Wimbledon later on in the evening, we have to be mindful of the further disruption it may cause for viewers expecting other programmes.


We realise that with the addition of the roof on Centre Court, play can go on for longer into the evening, therefore we are currently reviewing the impact this has on our schedules for future Championships.

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