The Nolan Show, BBC One Northern Ireland, 16 January


We received complaints from some people who were unhappy about the make-up of the audience for this programme and who felt that it did not include people from different community backgrounds.

The BBC's response

Any member of the public can apply to be part of ‘The Nolan Show' studio audience. Admission is on a first-come and ticket only basis. We do not select audience members on the basis of their community background or political affiliations but are always concerned to make BBC events as inclusive as possible.

A smaller number of people than normal turned up for Wednesday night's programme. This may have been due to what was happening outside the studio - all of which was outside our control. Despite these difficult circumstances we felt it important to proceed with our broadcast plans and tried to manage contributions in a way that was fair to all those involved. None of this was easy.

We accept that the studio audience in Blackstaff may not have been fully reflective of the wider community, but were able to include a range of views through the selection of panel members and guest contributors. Those taking part in the discussion included people from different areas and community backgrounds, together with business representatives and political commentators. Diverse views and opinions were also reflected through text and email messages from members of our television audience.

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