Sunday Half Hour, BBC Radio 2, moving to a morning slot

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We received complaints from people who are unhappy that Sunday Half Hour is being moved to a morning slot.

Response from BBC Radio 2

We understand how well loved ‘Sunday Half Hour' is for many regular BBC Radio 2 listeners. For that reason the decision to move the programme from its place at 8.30pm in the Sunday evening schedule has not been taken lightly.

Over the past decade the number of people listening to the programme and on Sunday nights generally has declined significantly, and so we feel it is time to refresh our Sunday evening music offer and that this is also a good time to move ‘Sunday Half Hour' alongside our other weekly faith programme ‘Good Morning Sunday'. The move will enable us to expand the airtime to an hour and broadcast it at a time when there are both more people listening and an expectation to hear faith-related output.

In addition, all of our programmes are available on BBC iPlayer so if you are able to access the internet or can receive BBC iPlayer through your television, you can enjoy the show at any time of the day.