Ski Sunday scheduling, BBC Two, 22 January 2012

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Complaint We received complaints from viewers about changes to the billed start time of Ski Sunday on 22 January 2012. The BBC's response We understand some viewers were disappointed that the BBC Two schedule was disrupted on 22 January due to live coverage of the Masters Snooker final overrunning. Unfortunately live sporting events such as this can overrun and have a knock on effect to the published schedule. When such decisions are made they are done so after careful consideration. The match was very closely tied at 4-3 going into the final game of the afternoon. While Ski Sunday could be delayed, the snooker final was live and viewers would have expected us to continue with our coverage until it had concluded. The decision was therefore made to stay with the snooker and show Ski Sunday immediately afterwards. We kept viewers updated with various announcements and an on-screen banner when Ski Sunday was due to start. With regards to the abrupt end to Ski Sunday this was due to a technical error which resulted in the final minute or so of the programme being cut off. The continuity announcer immediately apologised for this and again we’re sorry if your enjoyment of Sky Sunday was marred on this occasion. As always Ski Sunday is available to view on the BBC iPlayer for up to seven days after the original broadcast.