The One Show, BBC One, 14 January 2014

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We have received complaints about Paul O'Grady's appearance on the One Show on 14 January. Some viewers felt that his views on benefit reform were not adequately challenged.

BBC's Response

The One Show is a topical magazine programme which occasionally reports on prominent news stories. Following media coverage of the debate around Channel Four's Benefits Street, The One Show asked members of the public for their views on the programme. A variety of opinions were heard from all sides of the debate. Following this, and in keeping with One Show tradition, the presenters discussed the issues raised with that day's studio guest, Paul O'Grady. Paul was clearly identified as a Labour supporter, and he was challenged on how he would reduce the benefits bill. Paul's views were forthright, and on reflection more could have been done to put them into context, but it is important to note that balance can be achieved across a number of programmes, and this is a subject that the One Show has covered before and hopes to revisit again in the future.

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