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We have received complaints from viewers who felt there was too much coverage of Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement from Manchester United.

Response from BBC News

The breaking news of Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement from Manchester United was a big story for many of our audience. Alex Ferguson has led Manchester United for 26 years and the team is one of the most internationally recognised for sporting achievement. There was significant interest in the story worldwide as well as in the UK.

Accordingly, the BBC News Channel led with the story as it broke. At other points during the day the BBC News Channel also led on the Queen’s Speech and the issues arising from that; such as immigration and changes to pensions. The News Channel showed BBC One’s special programme on the Queen’s Speech in full, from 1030 through the rest of the morning. As BBC One’s coverage of The State Opening of Parliament ran until 1215, we led on the Alex Ferguson story during the News at One, offering BBC One viewers comprehensive reporting on both events.

The Queen’s Speech was the lead story during the News at Ten. The bulletin also focused on the kidnapping story in Ohio and on the elections in Pakistan.

For our website audience interested in sport, our figures show this was the biggest story since the Olympics, however we appreciate not all viewers share the same interest in the story. Taking that into consideration, we were very mindful of the need to balance this with other stories throughout the day.

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