BBC News, August 2018

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We have received complaints from people who feel our coverage of Boris Johnson’s comments about the burka has been biased against him.



The controversy caused by Boris Johnson’s comments about Muslim women wearing face veils has highlighted not just the issue of the wearing of burkas and niqabs, but also the wider implications of the debate surrounding free speech and what constitutes Islamophobia. 

We have given full context in our reporting of this story and explained that Mr Johnson’s comments were taken from an article in which he was arguing against a ban on the burka.  We have reflected that the reason these comments have been contentious for some is due to the language used by Mr Johnson when referencing the appearance of women wearing face veils.

We have reported on the criticism and calls for an apology that Mr Johnson has received from several senior figures from within his own party, including the Prime Minister.  Our coverage has also, however, featured the voices of those supportive of Mr Johnson’s stance.  Our analysis of this story has explored the motivations behind Mr Johnson’s comments but also of those critical of him.  We have asked Mr Johnson for a comment but he has not been available.

BBC News has covered and scrutinised the many implications of this story, impartially and in detail, featuring a range of viewpoints. We will continue to report on any developments in this story in this manner.