BBC Diamond Jubilee coverage

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We received complaints from some viewers about aspects of the BBC's Diamond Jubilee coverage.

BBC Response

We provided extensive coverage of the Diamond Jubilee through a wide range of television and radio programmes covering the many aspects of the celebrations, with a variety of tones and styles across the weekend for different audiences. Across the Jubilee period almost 70% of the nation tuned in to some of this programming.

We acknowledge that not every aspect of our coverage was to everyone's taste, but across all the hours of broadcasting we have received appreciations as well as complaints. It is worth noting that this was a live broadcasting event of unprecedented scale and complexity amidst weather conditions which turned out to be challenging for all involved.

We review all major events we broadcast and this weekend's coverage will be no exception. All the comments we have received will be part of the feedback we use when we come to look at how this weekend's programming could have been improved.