Why Do Some UK Jews Settle in Israeli-occupied land?, BBC News Online: Finding by the Editorial Complaints Unit


This article was about the experiences of two men from the UK (and their families) who had chosen to move to settlements in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.  Eight readers challenged the accuracy of what the settlers were quoted as saying.



In most instances, the ECU found either that there was no inaccuracy or that the matter was one of opinion rather than fact.  However, the statements by one of the settlers that “About 90% of settlements are right on the border of the Green Line” and “It is relatively rare to find a hilltop settlement”, singled out by five of the complainants, were inaccurate in a way which, in the context, was materially misleading

Partly upheld


Further action

Writers will be reminded of the need to ensure that a misleading impression does not arise from the use of quotes from interviews.