The House That 100k Built, BBC2, 2 October 2013: Finding by the Editorial Complaints Unit


A company which distributes liquid petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders complained about a sequence which showed a person cutting through a used gas cylinder with an angle grinder.  It said this was extremely dangerous and could encourage imitation, putting lives at risk.  It also said the act was unlawful because all LPG cylinders remain the property of the distributor.



The ECU agreed that the sequence should not have been broadcast, and was concerned that there was no appropriate explanation of the dangers involved to prevent possible imitation by viewers.  A warning was subsequently put on the programme’s website but the ECU did not consider it to be sufficiently clear about the risks involved.  The website did, however, make it clear that the cylinders remain the property of the distributors, so the ECU regarded this aspect of the complaint as having been resolved.

Upheld/ Resolved


Further Action

The decision had already been taken to remove the sequence featuring the cylinder from any repeat of the original programme.  However the BBC Commissioning Editor agreed with the ECU’s suggestion that a warning about the dangers of dismantling LPG cylinders should be included in the series.  This warning was broadcast in the last episode in the series (23 October 2013).  The text on the series webpages was also amended to make the dangers clearer.


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