The Future State of Welfare, BBC2, 27 October 2011: Finding by the Editorial Complaints Unit


A viewer complained that this programme was inaccurate in a number of respects, including giving a misleading impression that, prior to the introduction of new eligibility tests, the decision on whether Disability Benefit should be granted rested with GPs.



On the subject of eligibility for Disability Benefit, the programme said “your local Doctor no longer has the final say. More stringent tests have been brought in to try to flush out people who are claiming on health grounds when they shouldn’t be”, and the ECU agreed that this gave the inaccurate impression that the decision on eligibility had previously rested with GPS.  However, it found no other significant inaccuracies.


Further action

The production team have discussed the issues arising from the finding, including the requirement for due accuracy, and the programme will not be repeated in its original form.

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