The Alternativity, BBC Two, 17 December 2017: Finding by the Executive Complaints Unit

The programme followed Danny Boyle’s visit to the West Bank as he took up Banksy’s invitation to produce a nativity play outside his Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem.  A representative of BBC Watch complained that it included a number of statements which were misleading and biased against Israel.

Of the three statements complained of, two were consistent with due accuracy in a context where the focus was on Danny Boyle’s experience and impressions rather than reportage of the situation in the West Bank.  However, the narrator’s statement that thousands of Palestinians had been “imprisoned for refusing to leave their land” was misleading in a context where it could not be understood as a reference to the large number of arrests relating to the more general issue of the occupation of the West Bank and opposition to Israeli actions.
Partly upheld

Further action
The programme will not be repeated in its present form.