Newsnight, BBC2, 21 April 2017: Finding by the Executive Complaints Unit

A viewer complained that, in a package on the French Presidential election, Evan Davis’ approaches in back-to-back interviews with representative of the Macron and le Pen campaigns was so marked as to constitute bias. 

The difference was partly accounted for by the fact that the interview with the Macron representative was recorded while news of the killing of a policeman on the Champs Elysees was breaking, while the le Pen representative was recorded the following day and after Ms le Pen herself had provoked controversy with her comments on the event. However, it was indeed marked, and Evan Davis gave the impression of endorsing Mr Macron’s claim that Ms le Pen had illegitimately sought to make political capital out of the incident.

Further action
Newsnight has been reminded of the requirements of due impartiality, so that the perception of its coverage matches its intent.