News (6.00pm), BBC1, 29 July 2016: Finding by the Editorial Complaints Unit

The bulletin included a report on the Pope’s visit to Auschwitz. Lord Alton and Fr Leo Chamberlain of Ampleforth jointly complained that the reporter had presented a disputed view of the stance of the Catholic Church in relation to the Third Reich as if it were established fact.

The reporter said “Silence was the response of the Catholic Church when Nazi Germany demonised Jewish people and then attempted to eradicate Jews from Europe”. In the judgement of the ECU, this did not give due weight to public statements by successive Popes or the efforts made on the instructions of Pius XII to rescue Jews from Nazi persecution, and perpetuated a view which is at odds with the balance of evidence.

Further action
The finding has been brought to the attention of the editorial team responsible for the report so that any future coverage might reflect historical understanding more closely.