Liz Green, Radio Leeds, 26 June 2018: Finding by the Executive Complaints Unit

The programme included a phone-in on homeopathy, in the light of the intention of NHS England to cease funding homeopathic remedies. A representative of the Good Thinking Society complained that it was conducted in a way which gave the impression that the arguments for and against the efficacy of homeopathy were on an equal footing, and included misleading and inaccurate claims by homeopaths.

The conduct of the phone-in did not sufficiently reflect the fact that there is no peer-reviewed scientific evidence that homeopathic treatment has any efficacy beyond a possible placebo effect, and claims by some callers about its effectiveness in a range of medical conditions should have been challenged.

Further action
The team has discussed the finding and staff have been reminded of the need to ensure due impartiality, and apply appropriate weight to issues of a controversial nature. Staff have also been briefed on the BBC Academy articles and features on reporting science and pseudo-science.