Food and Drink, BBC2, 18 February 2013: Finding by the Editorial Complaints Unit


Introducing an item on how children could be engaged in healthy eating when parental time was limited, the presenter cited research which (she said) showed that children in families with two working parents were six times more likely to be obese than other children.  A viewer complained that this was misleading and resulted in bias against working mothers, and that a broadcast correction was necessary.



The ECU agreed that the research in question (which was about American children in a very limited age-range) didn’t warrant such a general statement but, as the presenter’s remarks were applicable to parents of either sex, found no bias against working mothers.  The programme-makers’ acknowledgement of the inaccuracy at Stage 1 sufficed to resolve the issue, and the ECU saw no case for a broadcast correction on a point which was so tangential to the focus of the item.


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