A universal plug socket...at last?, bbc.co.uk: Finding by the Editorial Complaints Unit

This article, which originated as an item in Radio 4's From Our Own Correspondent, arose from the correspondent's discovery of a "universal" plug socket in his hotel room on a visit to China. A representative of the PlugSafe electrical safety campaign complained that this tended to promote a product which was intrinsically dangerous, and that the article’s account of the origins of diverse national standards for sockets and plugs was misleading.

The complainant's account of the intrinsic danger of the product was well-founded, as was his concern that, although illegal in the UK, it was readily available online. The article also gave a misleading impression of how diverse standards in this area had arisen.

Further action
The article was replaced by a note explaining that it had given rise to safety concerns, and the original broadcast was removed from iPlayer.