Today, Radio 4, 10 August 2017: Finding by the Executive Complaints Unit

The programme included an interview with Lord Lawson, occasioned by the release of Al Gore’s second film about climate change. Nine listeners complained to the ECU that Lord Lawson was not an appropriate speaker on climate change issues, and that his contribution had contained inaccuracies on the topic.

The programme was justified in interviewing Lord Lawson in a context which did not imply that his views stood on the same footing as those of climate scientists, but the particular position in the debate occupied by Lord Lawson and the Global Warming Policy Foundation should have been made clear to listeners, either in the introduction to the interview or early in the questioning, and some of his statements in relation to climate change were wrong (as the Global Warming Policy Foundation subsequently acknowledged) and should have been challenged.
Partly upheld

Further action
BBC News management discussed the issues arising from the finding with the Today team.