The One Show, BBC1, 24 October 2011


Three viewers complained that the programme was inaccurate in saying that the legal minimum depth of tread for car tyres was 3mm.  One of them added that a demonstration of measuring tread using the rim of a 20p piece was misleading.



Though many bodies recommend that tyres be replaced when the depth of tread is reduced to 3mm, the legal minimum is in fact 1.6mm.  The programme published a correction on its website independently of the ECU’s investigation.  As the error was in the direction of greater safety, the ECU regarded this as sufficient to resolve the issue.  The treatment of the 20p test, however, was misleading, as it could have given viewers the impression that measuring the tread at the edge of the tyre was sufficient (whereas the minimum tread requirement applies across the width of the tyre and round its whole circumference).

Resolved/partly upheld


Further action

The programme-makers broadcast a clarification of the requirements for measuring tread, during which the inaccuracy over the legal minimum depth was also corrected.

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