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Audience Research for Commissioning

The BBC has a wide range of audience information, which can be useful at different stages of the commissioning process.

Pre-commission: Inform

Read detailed information about the latest genre priorities and further information about wider channel strategies to help inform programme ideas and proposals. These are updated regularly. 

Post-commission: Shape

After a commission audience information may be shared with a production to further build their understanding of the genre, slot and intended audience. This could be knowledge about the viewing habits and lifestyles of target audiences, insights from pilots or findings from specific research. The information would usually be supplied at a briefing session by a Commissioner or Executive Producer and will help shape the content and maximise the audience relevance and impact.

Where a programme is a particular strategic priority a Commissioner may ask the Audience Planning team to work more closely with a production to help inform development from an audience perspective.

Post-transmission: Evaluate

Post transmission performance data can be shared with the production. This includes viewing figures (TV, iPlayer and online), data on how much audiences appreciated the content and, depending on audience size, more detailed feedback. The data will either be shared in electronic format or in a one-to-one session.

This information gives the BBC and the production a greater understanding of performance for future content development.

Please arrange for this information to be sent via the BBC Executive Producer.

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