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OU Branding and End Credit Guidelines

Public recognition of the partnership with the BBC is achieved through branding on screen, online, digitally and via radio announcements.

On Screen Branding

The Partnership has its own endboard branding guidelines. These will be supplied by The OU’s Broadcast Project Manager in the Open Media Unit who will also arrange for production to have access to files for use in building the partnership endboards.

Partnership endboards use The Open University and BBC animated logos. They cannot contain production credits or be distorted in any way.

Endboard Layouts

The following layouts can be obtained from the download section.

1. Endboard with OU logo for co-production/learning journey commissions. (minimum 2.5 second new) 

OU Endboard Co-Pro











2. Endboard with OU logo for fully funded/ learning journey commissions. (minimum 5 second hold) 

OU Endboard Fully Funded











3. Endboard with OU logo for co-production/learning journey commissions made by an independent producer for the BBC.  Please see grid below (minimum 2.5 second hold)

OU Endboard Indie










OU Co-pro indy grid 










4. Endboard with BBC London used as an example, to be replaced with the productions relevant genre/location brand (minimum 2.5 second hold).

OU Endboard











Closing Credits

OU academics will be credited as ‘Academic Consultants for The Open University’. The OU shall provide and be entitled to approve any such credits prior to their incorporation in the programme.  

Call to Action

All learning journey projects shall conclude with a request made to the audience to continue the learning journey, by accessing complementary materials produced by The OU. The call to action wording, BBC URL and OU telephone number (if appropriate) will be a collaboration between production and The OU and must be agreed in advance of the on-line edit and should appear both in-vision and be voiced.

Radio credits

All OU radio content should be voiced: “Produced in Partnership with The Open University”.


Partnership programme pages on will link directly to complementary materials produced by The OU on its free learning portal ‘OpenLearn’ where editorially appropriate.

The OU will provide text and links for the partnership programme page. The links will be placed in an OU branded widget or other such device as appropriate.

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