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Red Button Commissioning and Delivery

Please contact either the Red Button Development Editor or Producer with any enquiries.

1. Commissioning
2. Green lighting
3. Production and tape delivery
4. Paperwork
5. Design
6. Marketing and promotion
7. Post transmission information
8. Red Button contacts


1. Commissioning

Red Button content ideas for Factual, Comedy, Drama and Entertainment should be pitched via e-Commissioning to the relevant genre. However, all ideas should be discussed with the Red Button Development Editor or Producer before they are submitted.

Commissioning priorities for Red Button and Online are outlined in our service strategy, where there are some examples of Red Button programmes to view.

2.Green lighting

Paperwork and Budget:  The Slate Manager for TV & iPlayer will provide a Red Button Editorial Specification and budget. This document must be completed and the budget agreed before the project can be green lit.

Indies will agree a deal with their Business Affairs Manager.

Green light: Once agreed with the Red Button Development Editor, the Slate Manager for TV and iPlayer will provide UIDs for each Red Button programme along with delivery requirements, deadlines and funding information.

Indies will receive this information from their contact in the Indie Delivery Unit

Project kick off: FM Central Editorial - Platforms will outline the design and copy requirements, and deadlines.

3. Production and tape delivery

TX master: This must be produced to the latest network TV standards but on SD digibeta, not HD. A clone should be made along with some viewing copies for the commissioner to sign off.

Tech review: The tape must pass BBC Technical Review before it can be broadcast. Please refer to the latest technical standards. The production team are responsible for paying for any fixes.

Programme title: The Red Button programme title which appears on the clock should include the linear programme title and Red Button episode number. For example, Dragons’ Den Red Button: Episode 1.

Introduction: Please think about how to introduce the content to viewers. We need to manage the audience expectation and the approach should be agreed at the point of commission. The introduction could be a 30 second countdown clock with text explaining what's coming up and a brief introduction from the main presenter is best for non-Drama programmes.

Credits: There are no specific requirements to add credits to Red Button content. However, this should be discussed at the point of commission. If adding credits please follow the same guidelines for linear delivery although Red Button programme credits are not squeezed. 

End board: Each Red Button programme requires an end board which adheres to BBC Guidelines.  The programme URL should be present in the end board along with any other desirable information relevant to the programme. Programmes should not end on a freeze of the last frame as pre-recorded Red Button programmes are often looped.

Strong language or violence: If there is any swearing or violence an additional slide must be included at the beginning of the programme with an appropriate warning. See below.  Guidance notes should be agreed with TV Compliance.
BBC Three At The FringeDelivery: The production team should inform Red Bee Interactive Playout 9 of the nature of the Red Button content including whether the programme is live or pre-recorded. A media schedule listing episodes, UIDs, spool numbers, tape locations and whether tech review has been passed should be emailed to PD Red Button Transmission Forms (which includes Red Bee Interactive Playout 9, FM and the Red Button Producer).

Tape delivery: The tape should be delivered via the Media Intake Area to Red Bee Interactive Playout 9 five days prior to the Available To Schedule date. If the tape is to be delivered late, this must be agreed with Playout 9 and the Red Button Producer.

Indies should deliver tapes to their contact in the Indie Delivery Unit

Live delivery: A CBIS line may need to be booked for the delivery of live content, details of which should be communicated to FM Central Editorial - Platforms and Red Bee Interactive Playout 9.

4. Paperwork

Billings form: Email to PD Red Button Billings Forms three weeks before transmission.

TX form: Email to PD Red Button Transmission Forms before transmission and print off for delivery with the tape.

Compliance form: Submit and save on TV Compliance Manager before transmission (as for linear TV) and email a link to FM Central Editorial - Platforms and the Red Button Producer once signed off by the Executive Producer of the programme. This is not required for live TV.

PasC and Music Reporting forms: Submit via P4A within two weeks of transmission. 

Indies deliver the above paperwork to their contact in the Indie Delivery Unit

Escalation document: This contains emergency production contact information and any gallery or OB numbers. Email to FM Central Editorial - Platforms seven days before transmission.

5. Design

The production team should provide design assets including any branding, logo, programme font, colour palette, publicity images and text to FM Central Editorial - Platforms at least three weeks before transmission.

Based on the channel and brand assets supplied, the designer will choose the colour scheme for the application. This includes a trigger graphic, a bridge graphic and an interstitial slide. These will need to be signed off by the Executive Producer of the programme.

Trigger: This is the graphic that appears in the top right of the screen to prompt the viewer to press red. There are limitations on text length and colour palettes.           

Trigger graphicsBridge link graphic and text: This is the text and small circular image that appear on the Red Button bridge menu when a viewer presses red and links to video content and further text. There are limitations on text length and colour palettes.
Bridge link graphic and text

This appears on Sky when viewers are waiting for another Red Button service to load and advertises what’s currently on the Red Button video stream.



6. Marketing and promotion

Billings and listings: A Red Button billing must be provided for the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG). A request email will be sent to the production contact and should be returned to the Red Button Scheduler, and

A description of the Red Button service should be emailed to and

Trigger: Liaise with the Red Button Scheduler who will request a Red Button trigger from the originating channel.

Calls to action within the programme: If a call to action is being recorded for a Red Button programme within a network programme, an additional version of the network programme must be delivered without the call to action. If there is a schedule change or repeat, bandwidth may be unavailable to broadcast the Red Button programme. Network Playout must be informed which version to broadcast.

Call to action by continuity: Promotion around linear end credits should be arranged with the channel via the Red Button Media Planner as soon as the linear TV schedule is finalised. Any promotion using video content should be arranged further in advance to involve Marketing and allow time for Red Bee Creative to prepare, tech review and deliver the trail. Any scripts should be agreed and stills cleared before being emailed to Media Planning.

Red Button junctions: Programme trails may be played out between Red Button programmes and can be arranged by the Red Button Media Planner.

7. Post transmission information

Viewing figures: Red Button audience figures are published on Gateway (internal) once a week on Wednesday mornings. Indies can request these from the Red Button Producer.

Technical reports: Red Bee monitor all output and issue reports of any technical problems. FM Central Editorial - Platforms will inform production teams of any issues reported.

Walkthrough: If you would like a digital copy of the service after transmission, complete a Walkthrough Request Form and send to FM Central Editorial - Platforms before transmission.

8. Red Button contacts

Find contacts who work within Red Button production and delivery.

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