Programme websites and BBC Three

BBC iPlayer and programme websites are enhanced using the standard set of publicity clips, stills and billing information all productions are required to deliver to the BBC as detailed on the programme Commissioning specification. These assets are detailed on the Publicity page and only need to be delivered once.

Find out how to make the most of a programmes online presence below. 


Programme websites

Every BBC programme has its own webpage on which is automatically created seven days prior to the programme transmission. These are sometimes referred to as programme pages or programme websites.

Programme websites have a weekly reach of over 2 million and a significant and increasing amount of traffic comes via mobile devices.

Programme websites are a great way for audiences to find out more about programmes, and getting the right information on there in good time will ensure audiences get the most from the programme.

The content needed to populate a programme website is part of the BBC’s standard image, clip and billing deliverables and is required for all TV programmes commissioned for the BBC. These deliverables are detailed on the Programme production agreement. The specifications and delivery methods for these can be found on the Publicity page and they need to be delivered only once.

The Indie Programme Pages team coordinate the delivery of additional assets beyond standard production deliverables, where these have been commissioned by the BBC executive producer of the programme.

Contact the team on

The standard production deliverables used to populate programme websites are:



A clip should be published for each programme as part of the standard production deliverables to populate the programme website and will appear there in perpetuity. They can also be published to expire at a certain date if rights do not permit it to be made available in perpetuity.

The technical and delivery requirements for clips are detailed on the Publicity page along with recommendations and information about publishing clips on YouTube and third party platforms.

See the Compliance for TV and online page for information about complying these clips.



The productions standard image deliverables are also used to populate programme websites and BBC iPlayer.

The technical and delivery requirements for images are detailed on the Publicity page.

If an image has been incorrectly used or is missing from a programme website please contact



The billing form is part of the standard production deliverables. The information provided in this form appears on the programme website and helps make the programme findable in search. See the Publicity page for more information on billings.

Please note the standard Television billing form should continue to be used for iPlayer exclusive content.


Action lines, editorial/legal notices

Helpline information related to programme subject matter or editorial policy/legal notices can also be added to the programme page. Find out more.



BBC Three

Information about the overall editorial priorities for BBC Three across drama, factual, comedy and entertainment can be found on the BBC Three commissioning page along with contacts per genre.

Information about the editorial priorities and commissioning needs for short-form content for BBC Three can be found on the BBC Three short-form page.

Further information about short-form commissioning can be found on the BBC Three need-to-know PDF.

The BBC Three short-form end marker can be downloaded from the Credits, branding and trademarks page

Further information about the delivery of short-form content to BBC Three will be added in due course.


BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer Exclusive and Premiere programmes and all associated paperwork and assets should be delivered to the same requirements as a linear transmission and by the same methods. Please see the delivery timeline for full programme delivery details.

The delivery date should be agreed with the BBC iPlayer Commissioning team. 

It is vital that associated assets (clips and images) are of the highest quality as they play an important role in helping audiences discover or choose what to watch.

Find out more about iPlayer commissioning.


Red Button

For Red Button delivery and additional information please see the Red Button delivery page


Social media activity around programmes policy

See the Policies page to download guidance. 


Audience interactivity 

See the Policies page for guidance.


Contacts and further information

Read the strategic overview and commissioning aims for BBC iPlayer.

For information about a programme online please email

Please deliver all clips and paperwork to

Find out more about compliance for clips on the Compliance page.