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What Your Proposal Should Include

Below are some of the areas your proposal should address:


The BBC is committed to embracing diversity and so your proposal should include a paragraph explaining how the programme would fulfil our diversity commitment to reflect fully the licence fee paying public (either on or off-screen). Find out more about the BBC's commitment to Diversity.

Disability Discrimination Act 

If your proposal includes contributors or working before a live audience then it should also include details of how you will meet your obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. The BBC guide to the disability act 1995 - Production Handbook lays out the BBC's approach to the DDA in programme making terms.

APC Code of Practise

The BBC is a signatory to the Alliance for the Protection of Copyright (APC) Code and all independent producers commissioned to make programmes for the BBC need to abide by the principles set out in that code.  Download the APC Code of Practise 2009.  

Health and safety  

It is the responsibility of every production team to implement all necessary health and safety measures required during the course of any project. If any health and safety issues or concerns have occurred on previous projects commissioned by the BBC from your company, you will be required to include details of how such issues or concerns have been addressed as part of any subsequent programme proposal submitted by your company.

Cross-genre ideas

We realise that not all programme ideas fit into one of our genre categories but may straddle two (or more) genres. We positively welcome these genre-busting ideas and fully understand that our structure has to deal with a complex multi-genre multi-media world where programmes don't sit in neat categories. We suggest you select the genre you think is most appropriate. However if you submit the idea to more than one genre then you must indicate this on each submission.

For example, if you've got a Factual Entertainment idea these programmes by their very nature are a fusion of the two genres, so some overlap between the genres is inevitable. To provide clarity as to whether an idea should be targeted at Factual or Entertainment try to define it by which of the following criteria are dominant:

Subject Matter 

Is there clear Factual based content at the heart of the proposal - advice, learning or practical take-away value - and is that the dominant element (regardless of approach)?  If so, the idea should be sent to Factual. 


Is the approach rather than the subject matter dominant? If so, and the proposal has core Entertainment values, then the idea should be sent to Entertainment (eg The Apprentice).  

However, where the approach is primarily narrative/observation led (even if other components) then the idea should be sent to Factual.

Local Programming

For more information please take a look at the Nations and Regions page.

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