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Username and Password
Submitting Your Proposal
System Requirements, Updates and New Features


Please note: e-Commissioning is currently being overhauled to make it simpler and swifter to use. The new BBC Pitch system will replace e-Commissioning in late 2014.  More information will be made available when the system launches. 

e-Commissioning is designed to receive content ideas from TV and online content companies and producers. It is not a system for providing other goods or production services. Find more details about Supplying the BBC

Members of the public or individuals without broadcast production or online experience as a Director, Writer or Producer for a broadcaster cannot register for e-Commissioning. See Ideas from the Public instead. 

Prior to submitting a proposal you must register for an account on the system. Before you complete an application to register please read Am I eligible to register?

If you are eligible please read the Terms and Conditions and the Guide to Registering as a Supplier.

You only need to register once, though the account owner can amend the account information whenever you wish. Please do not register an application for an account again if you have successfully done so previously. Account registrations are subject to review and approval before they are confirmed or declined. This may take a while during busy periods. 

Once your registration has been accepted you can submit proposals whenever you wish. 

If you have a query about a new registration email

How e-Commissioning works

Each proposal submitted through e-Commissioning is automatically and securely logged with a unique reference number for your records. 

The system is designed to simplify the process of tracking proposals so that filtering and comparing ideas is much easier. The system does not replace any of the creative conversations BBC Commissioning teams have with Producers.

We receive up to 10,000 proposals a year and time with Commissioners is limited so meetings will always be based on the merit of the proposal submitted through e-Commissioning.

Programme proposals for BBC Radio must be submitted via the separate Proteus radio commissioning system.



Am I eligible to register?

Members of the public cannot register for e-Commissioning. Please visit the Ideas from the Public page instead.

Please do not register for e-Commissioning if your organisation provides goods or production services, or to seek employment with the BBC. Please visit Supplying the BBC or BBC Careers.

Individual production companies within a group of production companies should register separately. If you pitch ideas under your individual production company name then you should register the company for e-Commissioning.

If your company has more than one location base you should register each substantive regional production company separately. Include the location in the company title.

If you are a freelance Director, Writer or Producer with broadcast/online experience thinking of registering on behalf of a company please speak with the production company concerned so that they can log your offer via their company's account.

Freelance Directors, Writers or Producers with broadcast/online experience thinking of registering should first seek an invitation to pitch offers from a BBC Commissioning Editor.

If you are a BBC staff member you should contact the relevant production Head Of Development and direct your ideas to them for consideration in the first instance.

How to register

Before registering please ensure you have read the Am I eligible section, the Terms and Conditions and Guide to Registering as a Supplier.

You must submit a registration application for an account prior to submitting a proposal. Once you have submitted a registration application you should receive an automated acknowledgment email. If you have not received this email then your application has not been received. If you have successfully applied for an account in the past please do not register again. You only need to successfully register an account once. Registrations are subject to review and approval before they are confirmed or declined. If you wish to follow up on a registration application response, please email

Information you will need to supply:

  • Company name, address, website, email, phone and fax numbers.
  • Information for a Company Profile: Specific broadcast examples regarding you or your company or its employees having experience directing, producing or writing programmes or content for a broadcaster.
  • A company logo sized to 112 pixels by 112 pixels in JPG format, maximum of 15kb.
  • Any previous names your company has been known by.
  • An identified person who will act as the Account Administrator for your company.
  • Supplier Type: Please note that the term Non-Qualifying Independent is that defined in the 2002 Communications Act. You can find definitions around Qualifying and Non-Qualifying on the Statement of Operation page and in the paragraph below. 

What makes an Independent Company Non-Qualifying (or ineligible) for the Independent Quota?

Some independent companies are ruled out of consideration in the BBCs 25% quota because they are not deemed to be truly independent of broadcasters. See the Quotas and Targets page for more information about Independent Production Quota.

Account Administrator:

Each company should have one account and one Account Administrator who can add and suspend additional users as required. Your Account Administrator is responsible for:

  • Being the key contact for the company's e-Commissioning account.
  • Keeping the Company Profile information up to date.
  • Adding and suspending users and resetting passwords.
  • Updating a change in Account Administrator by nominating another user to take responsibility. Further details about changing users are in the Registration and Account Management User Guide.
  • Important: If an Administrator is unavailable or leaves the company it is important that the role is handed over to another user. The BBC is unable to carry out the above duties on behalf of a supplier account, this is the responsibility of the supplier. If you have queries about supplier access to ex-colleague administrator accounts, please contact


Username and Password

New Registrations

If you register to use the e-Commissioning system your Account Administrator will be sent one username and password only.  This may take a while during busy periods. 

The Account Administrator will be responsible for setting up individual accounts and passwords for additional users.

Single-use passwords

When any new user is added a single-use password will be sent to the registered email address. The system will ask you to choose a new password when you first login. Please note that the password security settings are case sensitive. You must use upper and lower case where necessary, entering the single-use password exactly how it was sent to you. Alternatively you can copy and paste just those characters only into the password field. Once you have selected your new password the single-use password is no longer valid.

Choosing your new password

When choosing a new password you will be asked to enter the same password twice for confirmation. Both passwords should match and not have been used previously. Please do keep your password safe.

Password security

  • New passwords are system-generated messages and can only be sent to the registered email account associated with that username.
  • For security reasons, once you change your password the BBC does not has access to your new password. There is no centrally maintained list of passwords.
  • Existing passwords you have chosen cannot be reinstated. A new single-use password will be generated if your account is locked to ensure only you know the new password.
  • You should not share your account password with anyone else.

Forgotten your password or locked out your account?

Your account will be locked if you try to access your account and use an incorrect password more than three times collectively. This is an intentional safety feature designed to protect users' accounts.

If your account is locked and you are the Account Administrator please contact to request a password reset. Please state your full name, company name and e-Commissioning username (the email address you registered with) in your correspondence for verification.

If you are not the Account Administrator please contact them so they can reset your password accordingly.

Please do not submit a new registration application if you forget your password. It will be rejected as a duplicate registration.

Forced password changes

e-Commissioning will ask you to select a new password every 45 days or when you next login after this time. This is standard security protocol for a site of this nature and applies to all users.


Submitting Your Proposal

Once you have an account you can submit a proposal by filling out the Log Your Proposal web-form in the Blank Forms area of your account.

Get step-by-step instructions for submitting a proposal in the e-Commissioning Guide to Submitting a Proposal.

If you are still having problems submitting your proposal please contact BBC e-Commissioning admin team.


System Requirements, Updates and New Features

We are presently working on a replacement for e-Commissioning and hope to introduce you a number of enhancements in 2014.

We will keep you updated on developments on the e-Commissioning system on this page and in the news section. If you have any feedback please email us.

IT System Requirements

BBC e-Commissioning is operational on the following browers:

  • MS Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome

For full functionality it is essential that:

Any security software installed on your computer be set to identify the URL as a trusted site.

Pop-ups must be enabled at all levels i.e. on your internet browser and on any additional extensions or toolbars that block popups, such as Google Toolbar and Yahoo Toolbar.

You regularly save your work within the three hour session timeframe in order to not lose work after the system security settings time-out.

If you find any issues unrelated to the security related checks below, do let us know and we will explore them with the BBC's IT support. 

Please note: This information is provided as general guidance only. We regret that we cannot offer one-to-one consultation on system requirements and your local computer setup.

Want to offer your feedback on the system?

If you have experience using the e-Commissioning system and have any comments or feedback please contact the e-Commissioning Product Lead:

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