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Pitching - frequently asked questions

  1. How do you pitch cross-genre ideas?

    The BBC acknowledges that some programme ideas may straddle two (or more) genre categories. If this is the case please select the genre that seems most appropriate on BBC Pitch. If the commissioner believes the idea is more appropriate for a different genre they will reject the idea and suggest that a new proposal is created, submitted to the new genre.

  2. Who do you pitch a factual entertainment idea to?

    By their very nature factual entertainment ideas are a fusion of the two genres so some overlap is inevitable. Try to define the idea by which of the following criteria are dominant: 

    • Subject matter: where there is clearly factual based content at the heart of the proposal - advice, learning or practical take-away value - and that is the dominant element (regardless of approach) the idea should be sent to factual.
    • Approach: where the approach rather than the subject matter is dominant and has core entertainment values  then the idea should be sent to entertainment (eg The Apprentice). Where the approach is primarily narrative/observation led (even with other components) then the idea should be sent to factual.
  3. Where to send ideas with interactive elements?

    Ideas should be sent to the relevant genre team or Nations contact who will then liaise as appropriate.

  4. Can a proposal be sent to more than one genre or commissioner?

    An idea can not be sent to more than one commissioner via BBC Pitch.

  5. Can an idea be pitched to a Nation?

    Independent production companies have the choice of whether to submit proposals to Network television via the contact in the individual nations or via the genre controller in London.  

    However it must be indicated if an idea is being submitted to more than one commissioner or production area. Commissioning for Nations and Regions is not available via BBC Pitch.

  6. Does the BBC commission music for programmes?

    BBC Television does not commission music or theme tunes. Companies or individuals wishing to produce or compose music or themes for television should contact the relevant production area directly or an independent production company.