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Fatima Salaria discusses the strategy for religion on BBC Two

Commissioning slots 

  • Singles and series at 8pm and 9pm, either mid-week or Sunday evening. 


Over the past few years, our religion output has tended to be delivered in three key modes: travelogue (our recent My Mediterranean with Adrian Chiles series is a good example), history meets religion presented landmark (The Story of the Jews is a brilliant example of this) and documentary (Canterbury Cathedral, An Island Parish). We’re still committed to these modes of delivery but we want them to be only a part of our religion story.

In travel, we’re looking for a combination of talent and subject which brings a clear sense of purpose and the promise of new insight.

In landmark, how can we build on how we’ve delivered the definitive take and bring a renewed sense of attitude and contemporary relevance to our output. 

In the documentary space, An Island Parish continues to do great business for us, but we’d love documentary access with a religion take to sit alongside An Island Parish which feels less polite and cosy. 

Can we bring some of the event sensibility which has worked well in natural history and science to the religion slate?

Beyond those modes, we’re eager for new takes on religion: we want ideas which are challenging, thought-provoking, hot-button but all purposed, insightful and expert. Our forthcoming experiment Muslims Like Us feels like a significant step change for the department, and we have more ideas in development in a variety of forms which feel like they’re grabbling in a very present tense way with what religion, faith and ethics mean in contemporary Britain.


Commissioning opportunities:

Healthy opportunity for singles and series in 2017/18 and 2018/19.

Watch Fatima discuss the overall religion strategy

Specialist factual

Specialist factual and natural history covers science, religion, history, business and natural history. Our ambition is ensure that we're working in the full range of forms in each of these genres from blue chip to presenter lead, documentary to magazine show, format to live or as live event. We're committed to the reputational and to the popular - and want our content to satisfy every section of the BBC audience - from the learned to the curious novice.

Head of Specialist Factual Tom McDonald discusses the genre

All proposals should be submitted via BBC Pitch to the relevant genre controller or commissioner. 


Information reviewed 20 September 2016

Tom McDonald

Head of Natural History and Specialist Factual Commissioning

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